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Get Inspired

3.29/5 (96 votes)
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donwloadUploaded on 15/8/05
Get Inspired is a short film by Manu Järvinen. For him, coming from an illustration background, the animation was very difficult field to conquer, but he did quite a good job for a first-timer.

Get Inspired was released at Assembly 2005 demoparty in Finland, and it came first in the short film competition based on audience votes. It gathered twice as much votes as the film that placed second.

The film is about an indignant dude, who awaits his package from Santa Claus. But will everything go as he expects? Watch it and find out.
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Bob on 16 March 2007
Sounds good!
Cadence on 11 September 2005
I loved the unrestrained, original, intriguing creativity of this video. I could sense the imagination of the animator being delightedly unleashed in a new world of possibilities. I also enjoyed how the animator found creative shortcuts to animation that were actually more entertaining than if he had simply completed every step of animation. The soundtrack was excellent for creating the many moods of this video.