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Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince

3.34/5 (92 votes)
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donwloadUploaded on 17/8/08
Watch here the first trailer for ''Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince''
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Andy Hawk on 29 September 2009
good film
santa on 26 September 2009
great movie
!Hart Beat! on 25 August 2009
Wooooooooowwwww what a gr8 movie.......
memo sasse on 28 July 2009
myselfvicky on 16 July 2009
i like harry poter very much
myselfvicky on 16 July 2009
i like harry poter very much
aftab.ali2009 on 13 July 2009
ankitsinha04 on 10 June 2009
one of my favourite books and i spose it to be a good moviebut dumbledore dies
Nana on 15 May 2009
nice movie i cant wait to see it
kib_kib on 19 April 2009
rodyy on 17 April 2009
i love harry botter
sziszagent on 10 February 2009
I haven't seen this movie jet, so I'm working on it
anindya on 4 October 2008
it was awesome
Mike Hull on 5 September 2008
You are doing great job
aomjunk on 24 August 2008