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Ice Age (Trailer 2)

  • 4.30/5
4.30/5 (1138 votes)
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donwloadUploaded on 9/11/01
The new trailer of Ice Age... Now you'll catch more of the story.

Note : If you're looking for Ice Age 2 teaser, it's available here
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jne on 27 June 2010
Great !
Fran on 23 February 2010
It´s a nice trailer
mathijs on 3 July 2003
fuck the fast and the furious.. here comes the taekwon-dodo racing team!!!
Wilco on 7 December 2002
this is da best movie i hav seen yet! and gr8 news for ice age lovers! there is gunna b a
ice age 2! hoorar!
stone walker on 12 April 2002
That is the best movie I've seen in years! You should make a second ice age movie.I have to go now and do my prject that is do tomarow.
bam-bam on 7 April 2002
I saw your trailer and it was awsome.I like Sid and Manny the most because they're funny.I like the part when Lord of the flame's tail catches on fire and when the baby goes poo.Here's a question why does Scrat always have a nut with him.
mwworldde on 4 April 2002
Wie sieht das Cover aus?
Fahre morgen in den Media Markt vielleicht wissen die mehr!
mwworldde on 4 April 2002

Der Film ist einfach genial !!!!!!!!

Ích suche überall nach diesem Lied
rusted roots - send me on my way
(aus Film ICE AGE )
kann es niergends finden

weiß jemand was? bitte an Email schicken

Wird es einen ICE AGE 2 geben?
Noisy on 29 March 2002
Do you know where I can download a jpeg of the baby's father from Ice Age???
belga on 24 March 2002
i wan the film Final fantasie can you Help me
eljiahes on 20 March 2002
this has got to be one of the funniest cartoon movies (and maybe all movies:)that has ever been produced. the characters are so real, each one has a personality that mirrors some people i know. cannot wait to see the entire movie!
Chiefbeef on 18 March 2002
The movie was every bit as good as the trailer from start to finish. Lots of laughs for all ages, just like Shrek. Will there be a sequel? Go see the movie and find out!
jimmy on 15 March 2002
i saw the trailer and i think it's one of the funniest i've ever seen, it's greater than monsters inc. by far. I also think it's going to be a blockbuster, we'll see what happen.
Don Vino on 14 February 2002
Great! Funniest thing I've seen in this winter! ;)
Hope the film will be as good as the trailers...
eric and mattie on 14 February 2002
good work
cannot wait any more
need to laugh again and again
Zanith on 9 February 2002
One of the damn funniest trailers ever! Cannot wait to see the film!
Zauberer22 on 8 February 2002
It's a long time to wait, as "Ice Age" would start in Germany at 03.31. So 14 Days later as for the most of you.
I'm waiting, waiting, waiting, wait...
blue on 5 February 2002
it's the funniest movie i've seen !!!!!!!
coooooool NUTS !!!
Chris on 4 February 2002
Der Film scheint schon jetzt Kult zu sein. From Germany, Chris
Joko on 1 February 2002
It's a damm animation. What a great one. I am so curious : what kind of 3D program they make this great movie ? What the hack .. Long live the animator ... !
Dream_co on 20 January 2002
Anyway you see it its an unbeleivable work talkink from my animation and compositing experience and as a spectator a think that i never had laugphed that much!
Hope it turns to the best movie ever for me
la venganza del Karystia on 11 January 2002
la vida es bella

ya me traume.

los mamuts pisan a las ardillas porque
se creen la gran mamada y si lo fueran,
¿porque estan extintos?

ardilla colmilluda rocks the house.
sergio ramirez, hey checo¡¡¡¡ on 11 January 2002
no he visto la pelicula pero se supone , pero se supone, segun toño que esta chingona, y mas por la ardilla hahahaha, hey me cae, si se parece al bean. hey se la saca cuando las paredes de hielo aplastan a la ardilla y casi le sacan los ojos, y despues cuando la aplasta el mamut, se la saca.
nadie sea como esa ardilla, la vdd es que no vale la pena ser aplastado por los mas grandes
... yeah ice ice baby ICE AGE
Roberto Perez viva madero tamaulipas<------verno on 11 January 2002
che ardilla vergona, y harry potter is my bitch
Roberto Perez viva madero tamaulipas<------verno on 11 January 2002

esa ardilla es la ley. si todos fueramos como ella
no habria crimenes ni hambre en el mundo.

me recuerda al bean, pero con mas pelo.

viva Robotech

Atte. Blackwell Valkyrie
sleepy on 23 December 2001
It's a 'sqrat' -- 1/2 squirrel, 1/2 rat
Hans Moleman on 16 December 2001
I think the trailer is an excellent promotion for the film and is better than monsters inc by far, and im not sure if that random squirrel doesnt have rabies.
Amarth on 2 December 2001
Homepage of the movie isn't but only. URL on the top is bad...
panchito on 21 November 2001
La neta, está muy chido, me cae que voy a ir a verla cuando salga, el mono ese está muy cura! ja,ja,ja,ja...
HoloCoCos on 19 November 2001
Este trailer promete ser um ótimo filme. Pra desbancar Final Fantasy! Agora já divide minha anciosidade com o O Senhor dos Anéis!

This movie is going be a greate one. Better than Final Fantasy. Now I'm counting the days to Ice Age too... not only to The Lord of the Rings.
renegade on 14 November 2001
When i saw this trailer on tv, i loughted all day. that's cool :)

P.S. that little creature is squirle or smth?
SQUIRRELTAIL on 13 November 2001
Wow....i like that movie verry much ^^
i hope that the movie will come to holland to.
(i'm a squirrelfan)^^
kamikaze on 13 November 2001
great! *rofl*

the trailers for ice age are the funniest thing i've ever seen

i hope this little creature will appear more often in the final movie

... yeah ice ice baby! :)
vexshad on 10 November 2001
One of the best things ever seen !!!
giuseppe on 10 November 2001
La video est extra j'adore la petite gueule de l'ecureil.C'est surement le prochain meilleur film délirant aprés SHREK aussi un exellent film!
ashu on 10 November 2001
i cant wait to see the movie!!!!!!