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Matrix trailer
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Please login or register to add your comment. on 28 November 2008
o yea
Mike on 23 October 2002
This movie is so unreal but at the same time very possibly reality it self. Who's to say it isn't so? The Matrix is by far the for father for many other ideas in this idea. Kick ass movie!
zack on 9 June 2002
i love you juliet!!!!!!
calin on 10 May 2002
i need it that's the best movie in the world
Mario on 4 May 2002
Mario on 4 May 2002
i need it
TORO on 21 July 2001
Acidized on 9 July 2001
this shit fuckin !K ass
Acid_Morpheus on 13 June 2001
Esto es lo mejor que le ha podido pasar a la Humanidad!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Clone215 on 11 April 2001
It kicks ass.........seriously kicks ass
marticillo on 13 March 2001
hola pasenme los films no sean gachos
Motrin on 10 March 2001
CLEMENT ROX!!!!!!!!!!
peejay on 5 March 2001
the BEST in action movies in the 21st Century.
ERO HAN FX on 28 February 2001
very good movie.this is the best film i've ever seen!so, you must watch it.ohh, i'd been very surprised while ihad been watching it approximately two years ago.with one word:"THE KING"
Morklase on 22 February 2001
what can I say..............................
What is the Matrix??........................
to find out more about the Real Matrix contact my email address, that is if you want to see the real world.......................................
Dr. Anderson on 9 February 2001
Good cuz it's the best movie ever made, bad because it's bad editing, pacing, and worst of all it doen't have the bullet-time scene with Carrie Ann Moss kicking the cop.
umma on 7 February 2001
it`s vety cool and good.
freaky on 7 February 2001
the first part was good, but the second and third parts are much better.
[D_knight]Vision on 4 February 2001
that's the best movie in the world
JMKS on 3 February 2001
jim on 3 February 2001
too dark. I saw the movie
Cyphon on 26 January 2001
Sweet baby...
caimandu on 21 January 2001
it's simply superior
Voxxer on 21 January 2001
A good one but I liked the other ones better
Jack on 16 January 2001