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donwloadUploaded on 29/7/08
this is a short movie realized with 5 persons for a audiovisual project, we wrote the script of this trailer and we did the montage.

After the mysterious kidnapping of their best friend, 4 young people try to understand the reason of this kidnapping. In front of the incompetence of the police, they are going to choose to use their own means to find their disappeared companion. While they begin to see more clear a mysterious character there it puts across their road...
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Robyn on 31 July 2008
yes guys that's really great, i love it...i'm waiting for your next short film ;)
ppaco7 on 29 July 2008
thanks a lot,

i am so sorry about subtitles, next time i will try to make it !

it's our first short films but not the last one ;-)
jne on 29 July 2008
Not bad at all. If you guys could post a subbed version for English speaking people that would be even better ;-)