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The Venus Pussytrap

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donwloadUploaded on 27/2/01
Françoise Yip is China Bomb. And she has fought both
Jet Li (Black Mask, Romeo Must Die) and Jackie Chan
(Rumble in the Bronx). Now watch her mix it up with
Countermeasures G as he attempts to hijack the future
of internet film.

Sorry this film is no more available here
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randombilly on 7 April 2001
I thought it was great. The hot oriental, the continuous sexual enuendos [sp] and the great effects spell out that you should be payd.
-nic J
wireman on 17 March 2001
Bonneville on 14 March 2001
Nonsence. Not worth downloading.
Mary Rotie on 13 March 2001
Keceplukkkk eekkkke ekkkkk plung plung plung
Wong kito on 13 March 2001
Aiiiii makmano nian nak bekomentar, nyingoknyo bae belum. payah nian nak downloadnyo.
MacMendez on 12 March 2001
nice work, man!
Voxxer on 4 March 2001
This... is a very well done commercial...
catches your eye..
Not hilarious...but funny...
It's ground breaking...Mixture of Matrixaction and sexcomedy...

Kastronut on 2 March 2001
Pure teenage product...
WirelessBrazilian on 2 March 2001
Don't expect much and you'll be amazed...
Não espere demais e terá uma boa surpresa...
No tengas mucha expectativa y le sorprendera mucho...
Senza molta aspettazione avere di una bella sorpresa...
Le film c'est tres "cool"!!! La femme c'est "Da Bomb"!!!
rinto on 1 March 2001
Perfect. Made me laugh. Supercool.
scooter on 1 March 2001
Technical work is impressive but disapointing from an entertainment point of view. I spent 30 min. downloading it and it was not worth it
Jakub on 28 February 2001
This is the best movie I have seen on the internet...ever!
Hilarious and the effects are eye-popping...awesome!
jeffjeff on 28 February 2001
Wow! I love it. More please......