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Wishful Thinking
  • 4.00/5
(4:05) in Animations
Wishful Thinking is a 4 min CG cartoon telling the story of a desperate turtle that bumps into a magic lamp and gets a chance to change its life in 3 wishes.
Oren Ben-Tov is a student of "camera Obscura" college of art in Israel, in his 3rd year and has one more year to graduate.

Monster, Inc.
  • 4.19/5
(1:46) in Trailers
The new monster trailer !

  • 3.70/5
(2:22) in Animations
Perestroika was Created as a form of representing a sudden change. Though its Russian Political ties are evident, "perestroika", meaning restructuring, is to be taken in the more literal sense of the word. It is rather an individuals realization to change what he once believed to be something else. Aided by his aboriginal self, his actions threaten to throw the balance off current reality.

Fiat Lux
  • 4.08/5
(2:30) in Animations
Fiat Lux presents an abstract interpretation of the conflict between Galileo and the church using cutting-edge computer graphics research to create a virtual reconstruction of St. Peter's Basilica. Find out more at the Fiat Lux website:

  • 3.17/5
(0:54) in Trailers
The latest Atlantis trailer. (This trailer is a bit special to me as it was the first to come online at the very beginning of ;))

The Great Fakir
  • 2.97/5
(3:44) in Animations
What happens when a screwball magician botches up the infamous saw-a-person-in-half trick? Let's just say, it ain't magic!

American Pie 2
  • 4.00/5
(1:44) in Trailers
The American Pie 2 Trailer

The Fast And The Furious
  • 4.29/5
(1:55) in Trailers
The Fast and The Furious Trailer

One Night at McCool's
  • 3.69/5
(2:16) in Trailers
This is going to be a quite hilarious movie... Do not miss Liv Tyler washing her car ;)

Pearl Harbor
  • 3.94/5
(3:00) in Trailers
The Pearl Harbor movie trailer

Jurassic Park III
  • 3.97/5
(2:22) in Trailers
The new episode of the well known serie is coming out on July 18th
While waiting watch this trailer !

The Lunch
  • 4.09/5
(3:15) in Animations
"Lunch", a 3 minute CG film, is the comic tale of a man and his dog as they eat their lunch. Soon the man's disappointment with the same ol' sandwich leads him on a quest for a tastier meal.

Final Fantasy
  • 4.01/5
(2:13) in Trailers
Yet another trailer for this movie ! Still impressive !

The House on Dame Street
  • 3.69/5
(5:25) in Animations
a short story set in a world of pure chaos, of pure evil where people's heads are slightly bigger and hardly anything is reflective because it takes too long to render...

...the secret of eternal life has just been found...

Lord of the Reticulum
  • 3.15/5
(3:04) in Animations
This is episode "zero" of an episodic drama set in the distant future. It is about a warrior of a conquering race who becomes sypathetic to the cause of the enemy.

  • 3.53/5
(2:09) in Trailers
The new trailer for the upcoming Steven Spielberg movie : Artificial Intelligence

  • 3.29/5
(0:45) in Animations
A trailer of a short film Mantis by Grzegorz Jonkajtys
A 6 min CG animation made using Cinema 4DXL on a Mac.

The Joust
  • 3.41/5
(3:50) in Animations
The Joust : a tale of direction.
Check on their site for much more details on this project and also for higher res videos files.

  • 3.77/5
(4:10) in Trailers
I do not really know what this is about : it looks like a game but can be seen as a short (I'm not fluent in Corean ;)) but this intro is much impressive !!

Final Fantasy
  • 4.14/5
(1:26) in Trailers
The last Final Fantasy movie trailer. (Very impressive... especially when you think this will be a full-time movie)