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  • 3.54/5
(2:38) in Animations
A short story about love with a twist. The two main characters fall for each other, but due to some bad luck and misunderstanding. A night that started with a lot of promise, turns hilariously wrong.

Austin Powers 3
  • 4.20/5
(1:51) in Trailers
Yeah Baby Year ! The Austin Power 3 movie trailer !

Queen of the Damned
  • 4.22/5
(2:01) in Trailers
The new Lestat adventures taken from Anna Rice books.

Ocean's 11
  • 3.88/5
(2:09) in Trailers
The Ocean's 11 movie trailer.

  • 3.83/5
(2:51) in Trailers
The Ali movie trailer.

Minority Report
  • 4.11/5
(1:20) in Trailers
The new Spielberg movie to come summer 2002. With Tom Cruise.

SpiderMan (Trlr 1)
  • 4.34/5
(2:28) in Trailers
The first official trailer from SPE.

  • 3.48/5
(5:13) in Animations
Voodoorama is a crazy mixture of 2D Animation with 3D Backgrounds. A "nightmarish" battle between a voodoo priest and a vampire, who is beeing disturbed in his nightly rest, forms the central conflict. We created this 5 min. short film within our first semester at the German Film School. The short was produced within a period of 2 1/2 months.
Authors: Manuel Macha, Leif Arne Petersen, Lucas Wendler, Christian Bleier, Florian Zachau

The Cathedral (Trailer)
  • 4.25/5
(1:30) in Animations
Trailer for the upcoming short film "The Cathedral"...
We are all loking for the answers. We are all lost. We are all waiting for the Architect.

Alien Museum
  • 4.18/5
(5:59) in Animations
Are we been visited from outter space? What do they want? Are they really smart or they just look smart because they own a flying saucer? Watch this short and find all the answers.

Post Industry Life
  • 4.02/5
(9:09) in Animations
The 9-minute story called “PostIndustryLife” contains a number of action jumps that remain deliberately incomplete, left to the spectator´s imagination. I love films with open endings, with action full of question marks. I was really inspired by some scenic compositions by UGRESS band, which impresses with its esoteric and mysterious character.

  • 4.05/5
(3:23) in Animations
Sounds Greek ? Maybe it's because Rene Magritte has nothing to do with rock music. Or does he ?

Bulb II
  • 3.59/5
(5:04) in Animations
Description: This animated short is the sequel to Bulb, continuing the story as another light bulb headed robot comes across the remains of a broken companion. This short film was animated in 2001 by Ryan Foss on his home PC. Original musical score by Nando Florestan.

  • 3.71/5
(1:57) in Animations
Description: This animated short follows a light bulb headed robot walking through a dark and barren landscape when it come across something out of the ordinary, but oddly familiar. This short film was written and animated in 2000 by Ryan Foss on his home PC. Original musical score by Nando Florestan

Cutting Room Chore
  • 3.91/5
(3:16) in Animations
Shocking animal cruelty caught on film! See the disturbing footage now! The evidence TriSunn Pictures doesn't want you to see!

Monsters Inc. (Charades)
  • 4.22/5
(1:19) in Trailers
Be sure to check this new trailer ! Absolutely hilarious !!!

The JP's hamburgers
  • 3.67/5
(1:25) in Animations
This is an entire animation dedicated to making burgers more rapidly than ever. It's a 3D visualization of a assembly line who can produce more than 2800 burgers per hour.This is funny, unusual, a technically intricate machine! Viva the fastfood!!!

Dark Age of Light
  • 4.19/5
(11:22) in Animations
In a world of steel and energy, where all natural life has given way to the progress of a new synthetic world, only a select few know of the true motivations behind the massive technology evolution.
Dark Age of Light - Episode 01 is the first in a series of 3D Animation, science-fiction short films created by Tom Taylor.

E.T. (20th anniv)
  • 3.90/5
(2:05) in Trailers
This is the trailer for the new remasterised vesion of E.T. (lots of memories of when I was a kid)

Star Wars : Episode 2 (Love)
  • 4.00/5
(2:15) in Trailers
Yet Another Trailer for Episode 2 ! This one's talking about loooove...