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  • 4.35/5
(0:31) in Animations
A caveman discovers the cinema...
JURANNESSIC is one of the trailers shown during the Annecy International Animation Film Festival in june 2002. It has been directed by 5 studients of the GOBELINS animation school ( In-Ah RÖDIGER, Simon Pierre ANDRIVEAU, Yann AVENATI, Hervé BARBEREAU and Louis CLICHY.

  • 3.97/5
(3:11) in Animations
Deep in the icy mountains of the ural, the russian military is constructing the soldier of the next century. During a test run, the ultimate intelligent war machine decides to follow its own personal agenda.

Leif Arne Petersen, Manuel Macha, Alexander Hupperich, Paul Dreisen

  • 3.91/5
(1:20) in Animations
"Hunter"- A hunter meets a hanter.

Sound Track by Ophir Gal.
Created with 3DS Max.

Moosi'n Around
  • 3.71/5
(1:35) in Animations
"Moosi'n Around"- a stuffed moos head singing blues.
Sound track by Ophir Gal
Song by Skip James "Devil got my woman"
Software 3DS Max.

  • 3.60/5
(3:56) in Short Films
In the summer of 1999, in response to unrelenting international pressure, the South African Goverment launched a covert digital artist training programme.
Its aim was to create the most skilled digital artists the continent had ever known. The Government called it the Atomic Crash Course. The artists called it... Hellweek.

  • 3.95/5
(1:18) in Animations
The virtual corporate birthday card introduces three little astronauts that deliver a happy birthday song. Since these guys have no mouth and look totally identical it was very interesting to make them sing and give them different personalities using only body animation.

Animation: Sebastian Mayer (pictoys)
Graphics: Annette Brinkmann (kw43)
Sound: Andreas Schimmelpfennig

Matrix Reloaded (Final Trailer)
  • 3.99/5
(2:31) in Trailers
Enjoy this new trailer with our new ISP (InternetForAll)

Also for the fisrt time, both a Pocket PC and a Smarphone 2002 version is provided !

Bernie HiWash
  • 4.10/5
(7:39) in Animations
Bernie HiWash is a Romantic comedy about a bored window cleaner named Bernie.
Bernie tries to communicate with the people in the world on the other side of the window, but he is always rejected, until he arrives at Lauren's window, a hopelessly Romantic bored secretary.
He tries everything to get her attention.

Twisted Fates
  • 3.89/5
(0:30) in Animations
"Twisted Fates" is my second fully animated television commerical for a non-government charity in Cape Town, South Africa. I am Deaf student of Universal Computer Arts Academy and my objective is to create an emotional impact on audience. Any comments will be appreciated.

  • 3.73/5
(1:14) in Animations
A chicken auditioning for the role as Scrat in the Ice Age movie, overdoes her ambitions in a 'cracking' way!

  • 3.33/5
(3:47) in Animations
Five Robots produce oranges. Only one little mistake by one of the robots disturbes the harmony and leads to total chaos. A metaphor for the world, for life and its complex backgrounds. BIOS is a 3D animated short film, done at the "German Film School" as final work for the 2nd semester.

Watch Out
  • 4.01/5
(8:24) in Animations
Watch Out is an 8 min cartoon designed entirely with Maya in 7 months.
It's the story of a little Ninja entering a highly secure temple by a full moon night. He'll have to use all his talents to reach his goal.
Lot of action, humor, romantism, ... enjoy !

  • 4.18/5
(6:27) in Animations
Ex-USSR leaved hundred of nuclear submarines at the edge of the Baltic and an ecological disaster is come sooner or later.
We have worked approx. 8 months on this project using Maya 3 only for 3D and After Effect 5 and Combustion for compositing. The original video has been rendered in 720*576.
We also worked on precise documents of the spot and submarines in order to give maximum realism to our work and give it a documentary dimension.
It was a theme which held us at heart because the respect of this planet has an influence on all of us.

  • 3.98/5
(1:53) in Animations
When a little creature fights with man for just a little Apple ! All is good to gain the right to crunch the fruit, track race in the trees or movements lifting in any kind... It's going very fast !

Raven 2
  • 3.20/5
(20:07) in Animations
Lucas Foster was once a decorated homicide detective, now a private investigator. He spends a most of his time running errands for members of the Mafia.
But his life is about to change.

What seems like a routine missing persons case begins when a wealthy lawyer hires Foster to locate his beautiful client's runaway daughter. But The case takes him through the dark labyrinth of the city's occult underbelly, into a world where nothing is what it seems and diabolical forces lurk around every corner.

For Foster's agenda runs parallel to that of another dark figure who roams the shadowy streets; a resurrected being from the pits of Hell - the one called Raven . . .

For more information, visit

  • 3.21/5
(0:46) in Animations
An homage to the TV commercials of the early '60s.

The Wrong Landing
  • 3.86/5
(4:30) in Short Films
When a couple of Martians arrive to the Earth, the landscape in front of their eyes ise very familiar... Did they really arrive to the Earth?. He said yes, but she say no... who tell the truth? An amazing history, filmed in the beautifull National Park of Las Cañadas del Teide, in the Canary Islands, with a friendly 3d characters walking in the unknown... ;)

The Intro
  • 3.83/5
(2:18) in Animations
A short animation featuring a race between a Ferrari 360 Modena and a F-14 Tomcat. Basically a Parody of the stereotypical "intro" which really makes no sense unless inside some sort of context. Done for an awards show.

Le Cours d'Amour
  • 3.44/5
(1:21) in Animations
A very nice story about love from Daniel Mores !

  • 3.90/5
(2:04) in Animations
Cecil is chased by gangsters in this spoof of "Bullitt"