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The Awakening of Consciousness
  • 3.74/5
(9:25) in Animations
A strong cosmic connection exists between Japanese writing and transcendental meditation. A connection that traces the bonds between the stream of life and the contrast of the fleeting nature of our bodies and the perennial life of our eternal souls.
In feudal Japan the links between calligraphy, religion and the art of war were broken by bad interpretations of ancestral teachings. They caused Japanese society of the time to lose its equilibrium.
In that atmosphere of decadence Ryotaro appeared, a young Samurai who, at an early age, showed a wisdom that dazzled the sagest scholars of his time. His discipline in the martial arts was legendary, and could only be compared to
his ability in the mystic calligraphic exercises.
As has happened to many others down the centuries who have found enlightenment and who have pursued the truth, he was persecuted by members of resentful cults whose institutions his teachings threatened.
One of his most famous teachings is the parable that narrates this story.

Authors: Santiago Hurtado and Daniel Ruiz
Music: Francois Jolin
Sounds: Pablo Peiroo
Voices: Jorge Tejedor

Star Wars Episode 3 - Revenge of the Sith (Teaser)
  • 3.16/5
(1:49) in Trailers
The teaser trailer of Star Wars Episode III - Revenge of the Sith.

The Incredibles
  • 4.13/5
(2:31) in Trailers
The Incredibles' second movie trailer !

Excellent stuff :)

King Arthur
  • 3.89/5
(2:29) in Trailers
The King Arthur movie trailer.

  • 3.39/5
(1:04) in Trailers
The Catwoman movie trailer

I, Robot
  • 3.97/5
(2:29) in Trailers
The I, Robot movie trailer.

The Incredibles
  • 3.78/5
(1:55) in Trailers
The Incredibles trailer !

SpiderMan 2
  • 3.98/5
(2:32) in Trailers
The Spiderman 2 trailer !

  • 3.97/5
(3:44) in Animations
Feel the emotion of seeing the works of great artists come alive. All of a sudden Pablo Picasso's masterpiece "Guernica" and Van Gogh's “Bedroom In Arles” paintings, Salvador Dali's " La Persistance de la Mémoire" and Escher's “Relativity” become living sceneries. The finale is absolutely surprising.

  • 3.45/5
(4:40) in Animations
The film is about a character called Dohbert who has just had the latest gadget , a hover bike, delivered to his door. In his eagerness to fly the bike he neglects to read the instructions or even unpack it properly, leading to all sorts of problems especially since the bike seems to have a life all of its own.

Shrek 2
  • 4.11/5
(2:28) in Trailers
The story continues for Shrek and Fiona. Come on and see this first trailer for Shrek2 ! A must see.

The Goggle
  • 3.32/5
(2:57) in Animations
The Goggle's Dream is the story of a naive creature that will do anything to prepare to fly.
But because his determination to realize his dream is unshakable and because he believes in it, he finally finds a way to achieve the impossible.

A Hard Life
  • 3.26/5
(1:14) in Animations
I usually do not put here 3D animation trailers, but this one is for a very promissing project.
I also encourage you to go and visit his site since there are a couple of scenes available there. If you're a producer, Giuliano is looking for your help for this project !

The Beauty of Life
  • 4.30/5
(9:11) in Animations
Lars Keagan is an ordinary farmer who paints the most important moments of his life. We witness his artistic progress from infancy to old age as he reflects the dearest moments of his life.

Kong and the Bird
  • 3.54/5
(3:55) in Animations
Kong and Bird was Goro's first 3D short. As usual he worked with Felix Graf and Moritz Bunk. They finshed the short within 3 months. With Kong they won 2 prizes at the animago award 2003.
In the stills category thay won 1st place and they won an additional 2nd place for the teaser.

Dredo und der Diamant
  • 3.00/5
(1:50) in Animations
"Dredo und der Diamant" is Thomas' diploma movie at THE GERMAN FILM SCHOOL, which he made parallel to his thesis. In both the main focus lay on generating feathers.

Monika Bress was responsible for Character-Designs.

Scenes From a Parking Lot
  • 3.17/5
(3:50) in Animations
Love can blossom in the strangest of places. Even in an old abandoned parking lot.

Created as a short HD film for Bravo! Television, Scenes From a Parking Lot stars Radik a clumsy yellow petal flower in love with Anya, a purple tipped tulip.

If you like Radik in this short film, keep an eye out for the six part television series The Adventures of Radik Wildflower, a 3D comedy adventure series of a different nature. Coming Soon.

Crabs Dance
  • 3.02/5
(0:51) in Animations
HandsUp studio present the "Crab Dance", This is what crabs do when no one else is watching.
Created by Ofer Rubin & Oren BenTov.

The Return of the King Trailer
  • 4.27/5
(2:56) in Trailers
And the last from the Lord of the Ring trilogy !

Enjoy :)

Magical Misfits
  • 3.11/5
(4:30) in Animations
A wizard and his assistants are getting into trouble while performing magic in the tower room over an ancient town....