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  • 4.11/5
(2:29) in Animations
This Animated Trailer was actually done to demonstrate the animation capabilities of our music group. We are in the process of aquiring a deal. We all wear mask and our albums follow a story, and so we hope to release a full animation to accompany each album...Anyway enjoy and prepare for the coming of LNTG.

The Helpers
  • 3.23/5
(6:00) in Animations
The Helpers is a story set in the world of Anarchy Online. A story of conspiracies, of murder, of peace and war. The animation is the conclusion of a fan-fic told in part by text.

The animation was created over one month in this one-man studio, from concept to final product, using a slew of tools. Primary animation was done in Discreet's 3D Studio Max. Visit this page for a little more information about how it was made.

Let me know what you think.

  • 3.99/5
(5:18) in Animations
Inculta, that is the story of Enola. In a not too distant future she will be scouring the devastated earth as one of the last survivors of the human race. All of a sudden and through no fault of hers, the discovery of some little item, exposes her to the danger of death..."
We created this 5 min. short film within our second semester at the German Film School. The short was produced within a period of 2 1/2 months.

Authors: Christian Deister, Alexander Hupperich, Manuel Macha, Paul Dreisen, Wolf Reimers, Florian Zachau
Sounddesign: Stefan Albertz, Guido le Fric

Road Kill - Turtle
  • 4.03/5
(2:01) in Animations
SubRes Studio is happy to present the "Turtle", the sixth "RoadKill" short animation.
This might be the last of the series, unless we will find a sponsor for the other. So enjoy and let us know what you think.

Star Wars Episode 2 - Clone War
  • 4.28/5
(2:24) in Trailers
Yet another SW Ep 2 Trailer !
Enjoy it... and if you wish to make a little donation, you're mostly welcome as usual ;-)

Something Fishy
  • 4.16/5
(3:11) in Animations
This story was based on an idea that I had about five years ago. We had a slow period recently - and we though it would be a good idea to create a short that showed the studio's current capabilities in character animation.
The story boards and model sheets were produced in a week, and the animation process took about three and a half weeks, with post visuals and sound, and music another week to ten days. The principle animation work took less than a month for three modler/animators and a tech director to
complete - we're quite proud of that.

We had a lot of fun producing this piece we hope people will have fun watching it.

-Ed Konyha, Creative Director, Brainchild Studios, Inc.

Garden of Love
  • 3.50/5
(1:49) in Animations
This is Onur last short film. It is an animation about Valentine's Day and is a gift for his girl friend :)
Is bas been done in 10 days, including rendering. He used Softimage XSI 1.5 / XSI 2.0 and Mental Ray 2.1 / 3.0 for Final Gathering rendering.

Ice Age (Trailer 3)
  • 4.09/5
(2:24) in Trailers
The Ice Age 3rd trailer.

  • 4.03/5
(4:49) in Animations
This 3D-short is the 19year-old artist's first real major project and is meant to be just experimental. The film was started to gather experience in modeling- and animation-techniques.

"OCCASIO" is a little sad and bizarre story, about 4 min in length. The main character called "Mr.WithHat" discovers the meaning of missing the last chance to escape a dead and abandoned place...

Fifty Percent Grey
  • 3.98/5
(3:05) in Animations you can relax for eternity in peace and tranquility...

Fifty Percent Grey won Best Short Animated Film at the London Effects and Animation festival and was shown in the Sundance Film Festival. It's also one of 10 films under consideration for the best short Animated Film Oscar.

Update: This short is nominated for the Oscars !

(Good luck Ruairi)

Resident Evil
  • 4.29/5
(2:13) in Trailers
The game's movie adaptation with Milla Jovovich.

Time Machine
  • 3.93/5
(2:20) in Trailers
The Time Machine movie trailer

  • 3.89/5
(5:26) in Short Films
An homage to the work of Ron Fricke, Timescape is a day in the life of a city.
See the world evolve from sunrise to sunset.

Mosey the Sequel
  • 3.54/5
(3:44) in Animations
Humiliated from their last encounter, Mosey waits patiently to exact his revenge. Falling head over heels for this girl is definitely not part of his plan.

Under the Ground / People
  • 3.50/5
(1:44) in Short Films
A short experimental film that examines the dynamic nature of the London underground system and its impact on human psyche... For more visit the author's site.

Fish Story
  • 3.42/5
(7:04) in Animations
The story of a fish looking for better living accomodations.

Mustafa Jackson
  • 3.86/5
(0:55) in Animations
He dances, he walks, he's got the moves... He's Mustafa Jackson...

  • 3.49/5
(5:10) in Animations
"Dads" invites the viewer to observe a family in the midst of unidentified, pivotal patriarchal life troubles. The film illustrates the manner in which the father faces his demons, and comes to realize that perhaps he isn't alone in his journey.

  • 3.65/5
(3:24) in Animations
Iceland is an animated 3D Shortfilm, that we produced within our second semester at the German Film School. The 4 min short film, tells a wild story about two buddys: Pierre [the penguine] and Boris [the ice-bear, who else], are trying to catch a green fish with russian polka in the arctic.

Men In Black 2
  • 4.24/5
(1:55) in Trailers
The MIB2 (Men In Black 2) Trailer.