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The Mummy Returns
  • 2.75/5
(1:41) in Trailers
The Mummy Returns trailer

King Arthur
  • 3.89/5
(2:29) in Trailers
The King Arthur movie trailer.

Pearl Harbor
  • 3.94/5
(3:00) in Trailers
The Pearl Harbor movie trailer

The Fantastic 4 : Rise of the Silver Surfer
  • 3.27/5
(1:40) in Trailers
The Fantastic Four new trailer : Rise of the Silver Surfer

The Two Towers (Teaser)
  • 4.37/5
(1:56) in Trailers
The teaser trailer for the second episode of "The Lord of the Rings" : the Two Towers.

The Awakening
  • 3.96/5
(3:47) in Animations
A mystical tapestry, crafted for the hidden creature within....
The Awakening is a piece of movie magic, and an experience that will truly take your breath away.

  • 3.36/5
(3:34) in Short Films
This 3-minute short follows the tale of a man locked in a modern-day fairytale trying to get the girl of his dreams. With sickly sweet narration clashing against a lonely modern setting, its not your every day story of a fairytale come true...

The Paper Castle
  • 4.00/5
(20:57) in Short Films
A short film about the healing power of art therapy.

Mosey the Sequel
  • 3.54/5
(3:44) in Animations
Humiliated from their last encounter, Mosey waits patiently to exact his revenge. Falling head over heels for this girl is definitely not part of his plan.

The Corpse Bride
  • 3.99/5
(1:17) in Trailers
The Corpse Bride trailer. A Tim Burton animated movie.

  • 3.20/5
(4:40) in Animations
Charly a banjo player faces a really strange obstacle : a toll right in the middle of nowhere in the desert managed by an old robot not easily fooled !

Realized by:
Fabien DUMAS :
Benoit GUILLOU :
Cecile JESTIN :
Jerôme HOULIER :
Baptiste LEMONNIER :

Sound: Marc Leflour, Thomas Bloyet, Benjamin Fournier
Jerome Chantal, Guillaume Robin

Original score: Guillaume Bertrand, Florian Monchatre

Toy Story 2
  • 3.74/5
(2:18) in Trailers
Toy Story 2 Trailer

RoadKill : Deer
  • 3.96/5
(1:05) in Animations
Deer is the third short in the "road kill" serie.
Road kill is a deadly serie about nice animals.
From the authors : "we've lost five souls so far and we are now looking for a sponcer to help us kill the four souls we still have or even more!"

HellBoy 2
  • 3.20/5
(2:27) in Trailers
The second trailer for HellBoy 2.

  • 3.48/5
(5:13) in Animations
Voodoorama is a crazy mixture of 2D Animation with 3D Backgrounds. A "nightmarish" battle between a voodoo priest and a vampire, who is beeing disturbed in his nightly rest, forms the central conflict. We created this 5 min. short film within our first semester at the German Film School. The short was produced within a period of 2 1/2 months.
Authors: Manuel Macha, Leif Arne Petersen, Lucas Wendler, Christian Bleier, Florian Zachau

This Old Mouse
  • 3.97/5
(1:02) in Animations
This funny animation is the story of two mice, one is an older model 'tracking ball' computer mouse and the other is a newer model 'optical mouse'.
Watch as they both try to claim a wedge of cheese. This animation is a dedication to the replacement of the animator's old mouse.

Rocket Man
  • 5.00/5
(4:30) in Animations
It is a story about a girl that reads her favourite pop-up book. In this book there is a farm and on this farm lives a man with his monkey. Both the man and the monkey long for adventure, and with a little ingenuity they find a way to see more of the world.

Johannes Lindberg
Project manager, matchmoving, rotoscoping, compositing

Michal Marcinkowski :
Vechicle artist, VFX, storyboard & concept art, compositing

Mehmet Özdemir :
Character animation, modelling & rigging (monkey), compositing

Tim sundin
Character animation, modelling & rigging (Rocketman), compositing

Olov Jacobsen :
Environment artist, VFX, compositing

Special Thanks to:
Dayne Cowan, Dneg (mentor)
Andreas Grenholm (score & soundedit)
Nova Agghammar (actress)
Dan Sjölund (photography)
Film i Västerbotten (sponsor)

Fish Story
  • 3.42/5
(7:04) in Animations
The story of a fish looking for better living accomodations.

  • 4.11/5
(2:29) in Animations
This Animated Trailer was actually done to demonstrate the animation capabilities of our music group. We are in the process of aquiring a deal. We all wear mask and our albums follow a story, and so we hope to release a full animation to accompany each album...Anyway enjoy and prepare for the coming of LNTG.

Under the Ground / People
  • 3.50/5
(1:44) in Short Films
A short experimental film that examines the dynamic nature of the London underground system and its impact on human psyche... For more visit the author's site.