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Alien Museum
  • 4.18/5
(5:59) in Animations
Are we been visited from outter space? What do they want? Are they really smart or they just look smart because they own a flying saucer? Watch this short and find all the answers.

Jurassic Park III
  • 3.97/5
(2:22) in Trailers
The new episode of the well known serie is coming out on July 18th
While waiting watch this trailer !

Cookie Blues
  • 4.19/5
(1:28) in Animations
Cookie Blues is a short about your average guitar playing, blues singing gingerbread cookies.
"It's made with 3dstudio max 3.1 and my mind. I made
it just for kicks and giggles. Enjoy!" -Jason Taylor

Post Industry Life
  • 4.02/5
(9:09) in Animations
The 9-minute story called “PostIndustryLife” contains a number of action jumps that remain deliberately incomplete, left to the spectator´s imagination. I love films with open endings, with action full of question marks. I was really inspired by some scenic compositions by UGRESS band, which impresses with its esoteric and mysterious character.

The Cathedral (Trailer)
  • 4.25/5
(1:30) in Animations
Trailer for the upcoming short film "The Cathedral"...
We are all loking for the answers. We are all lost. We are all waiting for the Architect.

  • 3.88/5
(2:21) in Animations
The film takes place in a robot factory, where to rejected robots ridiculously fight over a loose hand.

Superman Returns
  • 3.65/5
(2:30) in Trailers
Superman is back in this trailer !

  • 3.39/5
(1:04) in Trailers
The Catwoman movie trailer

Moosi'n Around
  • 3.71/5
(1:35) in Animations
"Moosi'n Around"- a stuffed moos head singing blues.
Sound track by Ophir Gal
Song by Skip James "Devil got my woman"
Software 3DS Max.

  • 3.96/5
(0:59) in Animations
Two giant dragons fight for their life in this short animation. My dear friend Mr. Hugh P. Rich and myself finished this work at the Gerrman Film School, as a freetime project, during our 4th semester.
(High res DiVx available @ Leif's site)

Star Wars : Episode 1
  • 3.66/5
(2:28) in Trailers
Episode 1 Trailer

Time Avengers
  • 0.00/5
(4:33) in Short Films
Concept for animated TV Series

Monsters Inc. (Charades)
  • 4.22/5
(1:19) in Trailers
Be sure to check this new trailer ! Absolutely hilarious !!!

Magical Misfits
  • 3.11/5
(4:30) in Animations
A wizard and his assistants are getting into trouble while performing magic in the tower room over an ancient town....

The Simpsons: The Movie
  • 3.48/5
(1:50) in Trailers
The trailer of : The Simpsons : The Movie.

  • 3.93/5
(1:33) in Animations
A 3d character is auditioning for a role, performing a monologue of sylvester Stallone from Rambo 1.

Dorky Dad
  • 3.58/5
(3:28) in Animations
DorkyDad is a Short Film created by Justin Rasch. Los Angeles based Animator working in the games industry.

Dorky Dad is a father and Husband coming homefrom a day of work. He is very excited about seeing his kids and when he arrives home he finds them completly zombied out on video games. He then tries to woo the children away from the games to play with him. This is the Conflict of Dorky Dad...can he resolve it?

A Malaysian Friday
  • 4.16/5
(3:24) in Animations
This photorealistic CG animation will show you a normal day of a Malaysian man. You will be impressed by the sets : the trees, the house, the water, ... all seems so real.

  • 3.65/5
(2:25) in Animations
Award winner of the 3D Festival in Copenhagen 2000 for best student animation, "Illusion" breaks through the idea of a real world and a dream of an artist.
It brings you through a magic travel from the old city's streets of Lausanne Switzerland to an artist apartement were reality will become illusion for a lapse of time. A drawing of a feary comes to live by the magic touch of a flying maple leaf....
The Artist Sébastien Guenot has conjointly with his friend Jerry started ORCAVISIONS Digital Art Studio AB after there graduation in Vancouver Film School in 2000. Orcavisions is focued on 3D animation and Fx and has also won an award for a realistic digital monkey at the 3D festival 2000.

The soundtrack was done by Marie Heddelin, feel free to contact her as well if like the music !

Austin Powers 3
  • 4.20/5
(1:51) in Trailers
Yeah Baby Year ! The Austin Power 3 movie trailer !