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The Piano
  • 4.26/5
(2:22) in Animations
A touching retrospective of an old man's life, based around the evocative imagery created by his piano playing.

  • 3.51/5
(4:56) in Short Films
'Blockbuster' is the story of two guys hot on the trail of three mysterious objects. Action, suspense and more action, 'Blockbuster' guarantees a wild ride and an unexpected ending.

President Clinton - Final Days
  • 3.98/5
(5:58) in Fun Stuff
What will President Cliton do after he leaves the White House ? Well it's in this movie.

SpiderMan 3
  • 3.97/5
(1:37) in Trailers
The first teaser trailer for SpiderMan 3

The Beauty of Life
  • 4.30/5
(9:11) in Animations
Lars Keagan is an ordinary farmer who paints the most important moments of his life. We witness his artistic progress from infancy to old age as he reflects the dearest moments of his life.

Ice Age 2
  • 4.00/5
(1:26) in Trailers
The Ice Age 2 Trailer. Fantastic !

Fifty Percent Grey
  • 3.98/5
(3:05) in Animations you can relax for eternity in peace and tranquility...

Fifty Percent Grey won Best Short Animated Film at the London Effects and Animation festival and was shown in the Sundance Film Festival. It's also one of 10 films under consideration for the best short Animated Film Oscar.

Update: This short is nominated for the Oscars !

(Good luck Ruairi)

The Return of the King Trailer
  • 4.27/5
(2:56) in Trailers
And the last from the Lord of the Ring trilogy !

Enjoy :)

Matrix Spoof
  • 2.91/5
(1:27) in Fun Stuff
When some amateurs remake the Matrix. Some very nice special FX here.

  • 3.89/5
(5:26) in Short Films
An homage to the work of Ron Fricke, Timescape is a day in the life of a city.
See the world evolve from sunrise to sunset.

  • 3.97/5
(3:11) in Animations
Deep in the icy mountains of the ural, the russian military is constructing the soldier of the next century. During a test run, the ultimate intelligent war machine decides to follow its own personal agenda.

Leif Arne Petersen, Manuel Macha, Alexander Hupperich, Paul Dreisen

Ice Age (Trailer 3)
  • 4.09/5
(2:24) in Trailers
The Ice Age 3rd trailer.

Watch Out
  • 4.01/5
(8:24) in Animations
Watch Out is an 8 min cartoon designed entirely with Maya in 7 months.
It's the story of a little Ninja entering a highly secure temple by a full moon night. He'll have to use all his talents to reach his goal.
Lot of action, humor, romantism, ... enjoy !

Matrix Reloaded (Final Trailer)
  • 3.99/5
(2:31) in Trailers
Enjoy this new trailer with our new ISP (InternetForAll)

Also for the fisrt time, both a Pocket PC and a Smarphone 2002 version is provided !

Resident Evil
  • 4.29/5
(2:13) in Trailers
The game's movie adaptation with Milla Jovovich.

The Shirt Machine
  • 3.25/5
(5:43) in Animations
The Shirt Machine is the story of the young narrator’s uncle, who, on the remote island of Mull in Scotland, makes many amazing shirts using his self-built Shirt Machine.
This is my first animated film, and I learnt to use the software through the process of producing it. Therefore some of the technical software ability varies from scene to scene, depending on where I happened to be on the learning curve at that time. But having said that, I am pretty happy with the story, and the actual animation overall.

  • 3.91/5
I spent five months realizing this film, the last three months has been the most extensive! I took my evenings and my week-end to do this... The conception was made with 3DsMax4, Character Studio for the animation, RealFlow for the dynamics of particles and a good software of compositing...;o)
I 've been working for one year on the film " Kaena " This work brought me many experiences during the conception of GHOST. I mostly took advantage of the acquired knowledge during this year of production.This project has been very enriching, eventhought there were many moments of doubts! That's why I thank gracefully all Chaman's team for having supported and encouraged me.

SpiderMan (Trlr 1)
  • 4.34/5
(2:28) in Trailers
The first official trailer from SPE.

  • 3.88/5
(0:30) in Commercials
The 4th of the Budweiser's Wassup serie (At the Japanese restaurant)

Danse de Câble
  • 4.10/5
(4:10) in Animations
It's the story of a squirrel which sees the advertising for a softdrink. As a result it tries to get to the Café on the opposite side of the street where the vending-machine is located. Consequently the squirrel sets off to
get the softdrink. During the journey several obstacles challenge the squirrel...

We created this 4 min. short film within our second semester at the German Film School. The short was produced within a period of 2 1/2 months.

Authors: Thomas Bittner, Marcus Boos, Moritz Krappel