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donwloadUploaded on 9/1/02
"Dads" invites the viewer to observe a family in the midst of unidentified, pivotal patriarchal life troubles. The film illustrates the manner in which the father faces his demons, and comes to realize that perhaps he isn't alone in his journey.
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Crow on 20 July 2003
You people are kinda dumb. Guess there weren't enough explosions or guns for you to relate. It was beautiful and inspiring. Good work, John.
Sergio on 22 July 2002
deron on 15 June 2002
Dad has to go to work, doesn't know quite what to
do with those at home. Decompressing from what must be done consumes him.
TNT on 7 May 2002
What was so sad bout that? The guy (made of barbed wire) just took a dump!!!!!

anyway, that movie sucked so dont download it!
Steve on 3 April 2002
Was there some point to this drivel?
efday on 19 March 2002
deep and well realized.
Leslie on 13 February 2002
Very sad n' depressing.
I didn't connect with it though, don't quite know what it was trying to say.
....still very well done.
arse on 30 January 2002
crap movie but good range of trailers