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Fifty Percent Grey

3.98/5 (621 votes)
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donwloadUploaded on 30/1/02 you can relax for eternity in peace and tranquility...

Fifty Percent Grey won Best Short Animated Film at the London Effects and Animation festival and was shown in the Sundance Film Festival. It's also one of 10 films under consideration for the best short Animated Film Oscar.

Update: This short is nominated for the Oscars !

(Good luck Ruairi)
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jurab on 24 November 2005
March... tststs, ruari isnt focusing on animated violence, this just went well with the script and he animated it in a grat way, the devolpment of his characters is simple, but its more than enough, it help to support the story and has great quality. I really think you didnt liked the idea because you couldnt get it. It is nothing like a religious commercial, it is exactly the complete oposite, it critics the idea and consepcion that religion and society have left, and compares then as the same. i dunno whats up with u people nowadays.....
march on 26 January 2005
ok I know everyone loves this. and it is good for what it is. the animation is great. the idea is simple and clever.
But I didn't like it, I think people should use every person's critique istead of fighting like you all have with this luke person. I mean it's good to hear good things but if you're really trying to be a good animator it's much better to get critical feedback. we're not living in a socialistic regime here anymore, FREE SPEECH!!!
I think Ruairi should work on his character design. Look at the character's silhouette... for the viewer to like the appearance of the character is in my opinion a VERY important part of a short film... since you don't get much into the character himself.
I also think Ruairi's idea lacked presence as an animation, I mean did this idea really need to be animated? those tv bits really didn't work with the rest of it. If he likes animated violence (which works very well a lot of the time, and he seems to be very good at animating it!!) then he should work on something that uses that more.
Anyway it was ok but not great, I wouldn't seperate it from a lot of stuff I've seen. keep at it Ruairi...
koala on 16 August 2004
Nice animation, but I dont't like the story because the creature in the movie has several lives as it seems to be a human. As the description says ".. here you can rest in eternity and peaces .." . Looks to me like a religious commercial.
Atul on 12 November 2002
The best 3d animation of all time. Great script, direction and the quality of animation. I guess no individual animator has achived something like this. Ruairi you deserve the Oscar.
hybai on 16 July 2002
the animation was incredible it almost looked so real.
Zaki on 21 June 2002
Outstanding! Awesome! I love the animation.
Alex on 13 June 2002
Excellent work. I can't figure out WHY this isn't holding a 10/10 rating.

From an audience point of view, I think this short works very well. It holds attention, it's artistic and the animation is brilliant.

Great stuff Ruairi. Keep up the good work,

-Alexander Pappas
DarkCraft on 7 June 2002
The interesting thing to me is that although the environments for heaven, purgatory and hell turned out to be exactly the same, the characters frustration and despair was greatest in hell precisely because he couldn't leave by shooting himself. At least heaven left him with some bullets.
Falko on 2 June 2002
Uff - what an atmosphere, what a story, what an end... Hell!
Amigo on 25 May 2002
Hey Ruairi ! :)
I really enjoy this movie and i really like your point of view about it...sometimes it is so true/right in real life. ;)

Keep up the great work.
Sorry for my bad English...
See ya :)

(And It seems that in fact, Luke Rhineheart is jealous about your movie...nice encouragement / recognition ...isn't it) ;)

From : Ruairi
2002-02-15 18:18:00 (CET) (Posted from : )

>it was really well done but i didn't see the >point. i mean, if all three levels of the >afterlife were the same, it doesn't seem to make >a difference that he's stuck in hell, right?

that was the point. title = fifty percent grey = exact average, i.e. no matter what he does, it makes no difference, he still ends up in the same situation, so his attempts at changing his situation are futile.
DisTORteD DreAMS on 26 March 2002
I felt this movie was good enough to win an oscar, but hey, well, maybe next movie next year, anyway didn't come here to look at the bad.

I liked it's simplicity as it was more I think about so complex, it just shows how good animation is at showing thing's, as I'm getting ready to start doing animation this movie really inspired me to save the $7500 (Australian Dollars) it will take to do the courses (It was either save for animation courses or a car) anyway 'nuff about me, I really enjoyed this movie and hope to see more of their work.

Also Luke Rhineheart I read those messages and even if you did apoligise I just wanna say that you should never insult another persons work as it usually denotes Jealousy or Pride in either case it is important not to make flipant remarks as they usually get you in trouble (this warning is also for everyone else by the way).

Also Dragonius your theory "One more bullet and I bet the next hell would have a black and white TV" was also something like what I first thought too, but later I thought further and thought of real reality over the TV reality (I call it "Outer Reality") and I personally wouldn't mind living in a TV world (except a TV Soapie (Gasp!) and that led me to think in the world's he was in it was like an "outer reality" and so his next bullet would take him back to reality, I'm probably wrong but well it was just a thought. Also your theory was a good one.

From DisTORteD DreAMS

Bernhard Pucher on 25 March 2002
I have to agree... I have seen all the other animated shorts, and "Fifty Percent Grey" was by far the best.

Though "For the Birds" was very well done, and had a very interesting point, I do not see how it couldve won... but i guess with Pixar in the background, its hard to loose...

Sadly so, but I hope Ruairi Robinson keeps up the good work, so i can see him again in the next Oscars!!! :) GOOD LUCK!!
hyperwolf on 25 March 2002
Nooo way!This is not right,American pride getting in the way of judgment.Pixar win best animated short no way,all the other movies were low budget done by indiviguals or small companys,But Pixar,"oh and I'd like to thank Skywalker sound."
I mean why didnt they just say "and the Award for best American Big budget Animated short gose to Pixar."Sorry for the rant Ive just been Watching the Awards and its now 4:23 in the morning,Hope Amelie gets something.
Basas8 on 18 March 2002
its coolest movie i have seen . i enjoyed. thanx
daedelus on 5 March 2002
Amazing short. Relating with the character is easy.
Schmidt Head on 27 February 2002
I had almost this exact idea a year ago.
Except mine was in a small, dark room. Wierd.

Anyway, AWSOME! No one else seems to appreciate the first drops of blood on the floor and the sound effects. They were amazing.
Good Job and Good Luck!

junka on 26 February 2002
love the humour behind it beautiful animating and expression kick's a lot of sopy stuff that always look's and seem's the same huh huh
keep that good work up godammit and make us a new animation i will soon be joining i ve a few animation's in my head and the technique need time to rise lol love your inspiration
Martin on 20 February 2002
Very good.
I thought the message was quite clear.
At least I think I did.
Can't wait for the sequel.

PS 2 irish animated shorts nominated for Oscars.
C'mon Ireland.
Not that art needs rewarding, validation etc etc
Bernhard on 19 February 2002
Definetly one of my favorite shorts. I love dark humor and i like the approach...

keep up the good work! good luck at the oscars! if i could, i'd vote for ya :)
vorteks on 18 February 2002
Very good animation, expecially liked how his wounds quickly healed up. There was a deep message in this film, but I'm not sure I liked or agreed with it. I have deep respect for the effort that went in to it though.
Ruairi on 15 February 2002
>it was really well done but i didn't see the >point. i mean, if all three levels of the >afterlife were the same, it doesn't seem to make >a difference that he's stuck in hell, right?

that was the point. title = fifty percent grey = exact average, i.e. no matter what he does, it makes no difference, he still ends up in the same situation, so his attempts at changing his situation are futile.
bizarro on 15 February 2002
it was really well done but i didn't see the point. i mean, if all three levels of the afterlife were the same, it doesn't seem to make a difference that he's stuck in hell, right?
InGram on 14 February 2002
Hahaha! A justified use of the "standing on a flat plane with global illumination" look. Nice. (^_^)

Apart from that, I enjoyed it. Not surprising, since I'm probably in the meat of the demographic!
Alan Eddie on 13 February 2002
This is good stuff, not all stories have to leave you smelling of roses remember. This is great for the Irish animation/creative scene where there is a lot happening now. Good luck to 'give up yer aul sins' too at the oscars.
nerdie on 13 February 2002

good cg, simple, short, succinct.

Yoman on 13 February 2002
The Oscars ain't what it used to be...
humble on 10 February 2002
awesome movie!
TekunoRobby on 8 February 2002
Awesome idea, and very well presented. I really enjoyed this movie its just that it didn't do anything really spectacular. The animation was nice and fluid even if a little unnatural at times. The character himself wasn't really likable, but well designed nonetheless. I can't really say I was inspired or amazed at any time during the movie but I beleive it was a solid effort with a great idea but definitly lacking. It coulbe be the result of the artistic direction you took with this film but overall it comes across as a bit bland.
j on 8 February 2002
Best animated since I've seen since the Ice age-trailer. Thanks.
Scuzzy on 8 February 2002
Obviously, it took a lot of talent to put this together, but I simply didn't like it. It seems wasted effort to me, but I'm happy to see others here at least enjoyed it. Sorry, I gotta pass on this one.
zworp on 8 February 2002
great! really great. nice motions, very nice blood too
Luke Rhineheart on 7 February 2002
I guess I was a little hard. But I still really didn't like the film. It's nothing personnal.

Best and good luck for the next one.

Smile when you say that on 7 February 2002
Oh please. I bet at least once in your very uprofitable and lackluster career someone called your work PATHETIC. I also bet you were hurt, offended and so you let 'em have it with both barrels. Why should it be different now?
Luke Rhineheart on 7 February 2002
Dear "whatever you real name is",

I don't think aggressing me personally is going to take this discussion to a higher level. You've probably been watching too much Fifty Percent Grey and too much Independence Day…
Regarding your comments on my professional qualifications, for your information I've been working in animation and CGI for the past 7 years, which makes me something of an old man in this business. Reading your comments, I sincerely doubt you've ever worked in CGI before.
Regarding your Oscar comment, the fact that FPG won one or not is totally irrelevant - everyone as the right to his own point of view. I'm a little surprised however to read you claim FPG did win an Oscar, since it certainly didn't win one last year: it was the excellent "Father and Daughter" directed by Michael Dudok de Wit. I also was under the impression the upcoming 74th Oscars were held march 24 2002.

Best to all,

Use the exit, Luke on 7 February 2002
Sorry folks, but I really don't like Luke. His name is weak and his last name is... pathetic.
Looks like a comment done by a neandertal who's never tried character animation before.
I don't see anything "deep" in his comment, except his inability to spell "except." Nice radiosity is enough to make a nice demo reel, especially for an oscar-winning SHORT animated film.
Luke Rhineheart on 6 February 2002
Sorry folks, but I really don't like this film. Animation is weak and story is... pathetic.
Looks like a movie done by undergraduates who love guns and StarshipTrooper.
I don't see anything "deep" in this film, exept the hole in the guy's forehead.
A nice radiosity is enough to make a nice demo reel, not to make a film.
powa on 4 February 2002
great work! i love the idea of creating a place what it could be like in hell or heaven... even in irony.
indigooo on 1 February 2002
You Rock Man...nice...and clean....well directed and..nices planes...excelent sound....nice animation touch.....perfect?... :P
Thomas on 1 February 2002
This is well bad cool but I didn't like him shooting himself!!!

TT on 1 February 2002
That short film was funnier than the hell...ok no pun intended.
Muten-Roshi on 31 January 2002
Somehow disturbing! A very good film with great animations!
Kwramm on 31 January 2002
Simple and elegant, served with a shot of irony. CG film-making at its best!
hyperwolf on 31 January 2002
Wow, simple and complex all at the same time,a great use of camera motion and brill facial animation,mmm did you use morph or an optimised Physique for the head?I have worked on an animation for the irish filmboard also,so I know the work envolved look out for it in the future its called 'The Millener'and its by kavaleer Productions.Well good luck.May Irish Animators incourage a few more companys to open here.
Dixa on 31 January 2002
Cool multi-level hell! One more bullet and I bet the next hell would have a black and white TV!
Dragonius on 30 January 2002
and well worth it to.

this is one of the best cg animated films i've seen in a long while.
NISSE on 30 January 2002
This is one of the best animated movies i have ever seen. Ruairi should continue he's work. And this webside is one of my favourits.