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You sexy thing !

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donwloadUploaded on 10/6/02
"You Sexy Thing" is a short and funny dance sequence of our hero PackageMan. PackageMan is a wannabe superhero who thinks he is too cool and sexy for his own good.
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carlosd001 on 26 June 2010
very good
bstephen45 on 13 July 2009
vanessa on 26 June 2009
kim on 8 August 2005
it's so funny! short but i love it!
BJ on 31 January 2004
owaid on 31 December 2003
AnamationMan on 18 November 2003
what program was used to make this? maya or 3ds?
xbunny1985 on 30 July 2003
Fantastic!!! Superb!!!
Looking forward to many more.
Domestic_Desturbance on 4 February 2003
Yeah! This guy's really funny, I can't believe all of the work that must have gone into making this cartoon, it's the best thing that ever happened to the internet period. I give it two thumbs up and a smile. I think they ought to put this on National television every night so everyone can have a chance to see how magnificent
it is. Yeah he's good, h he's really good. Everybody should stop what they're doing and watch this little guy dance all over the dance floor.Yeah I give it two thumbs up!!!
Cool Chic on 29 January 2003
Thanks For emailing me back but, every time I try to download you sexy thing I get kicked off the Internet I don't know what's the problem is there any way you can email it to me not send me the link I used to have it and I want It again please.

Thank you,
P.s Do You Have An Animation called (Bones or Skeleton)
coolchic on 28 January 2003
i cant down load you sexy thing will you please e-mail it too me thank you
Hitman on 26 January 2003
This is so funny. I love it.
morphscott on 31 December 2002
Highly enjoyable. Very funny. Contagious. You will very much enjoy this, I can assure you it will bring a smile and laughter to you!
Dx on 27 December 2002
ha ha ha ah aah hg ha h aaaaaaaaaa
oxyman on 30 August 2002
I loved it! That's me in the Disco days!!!
ShereKhan on 19 August 2002
it`s great verry sexy
Clownfruestuecker on 13 August 2002
WOOOW very good `swing` and the musik was great...
alejandro of venezuelan on 8 July 2002
thanks is very nice is cool take this page...... on 5 July 2002
hi!!!! on 4 July 2002
Great great great!!! Best aniumation I have seen in a looooong time. Very funny!! This guy has SUCH a face!! Keep it up!!
Dr mirror ball on 28 June 2002
That's what Hot Chocolate is for...
Plenty of humor!
I love the "censored" sign!
C_spaq on 26 June 2002
I wonder why they decided to make this?
Not bad... I think.
john on 24 June 2002
a great laugh and i can see this guy in a part II.
glanna on 22 June 2002
aww now why did ya have to censor it!

very good!
cassia on 19 June 2002
hemant on 15 June 2002
thats great and i have tried to made the same on my cousine minash duplicate in maya by getting inspired but this is really wonderfull movement this guy has made:-)
hemant on 15 June 2002
thats great and i have tried to made the same duplicate on maya by getting inspired but this is really wonderfull movement this guy has made
sbc on 11 June 2002
Liked it. Music was great and it was cute. Watch for the unexpected.
Inspiral on 10 June 2002
Short and sweet, but long enough before the joke wears thin. Great movements. It'll bring a smile to your face.