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Tripping the Rift 2 (Teaser)

3.99/5 (267 votes)
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donwloadUploaded on 7/10/01
This is an early preview of the sequel to Tripping The Rift.
Check the author's site for more pictures, storyboards...
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ISSAH007 on 21 February 2009
its good but its too short.if there was a full would be better
rebaimelek on 21 December 2008
thank you for this videos
chris1143 on 30 August 2005
where can i find more sex scenes with six in them.thanks
Marika on 19 March 2005
We now have Ripping the Rift on chanel "Teletoon"in the province of Quebec..Canada.Real cool, love it, watch it every Sat.& Sunday night with my family . Marika
asp on 7 October 2004
Sysinfo: Never
TTR 2 was in the works for a long time, and then the rights to TTR were purchased by the Sci-Fi channel. Chris and Chuck never released TTR2, and no longer have the rights to... so if anyone ever is going to, it'll be sci-fi... which I doubt they will.
Sysinfo on 14 April 2004
Brilliant When is Tripping 2 coming out, and is there a full length version
sALVATOR on 23 March 2004
When will we get it in Canada ???????I saw a few episode on the net... it seems very good....
scarey on 14 September 2003
magic just magic, cheers me up everyday. you should make a movie i would buy it. steve..
Captain Storm on 23 October 2002
Just read the news on the web site...TTR is no more!!!No episode 2,or nothing approaching that which we have anxiously been awaiting patiently.
From the horses mouth,the corporates have taken over,jettisoned the creators and poisoned the original concept.Just goes to show;the Net is Never Never Land and the Corporate fat cats are Capt. Hook!Support the Lost Boys and visit,and forget the pale imitation that is now sadly TTR,whenever it appears.After all,it's just not coke!I would appeal to everybody to download what they can of the Original,before the Hook decides that he owns that lot as well.Corporates and Copyright are poluting the Net that we all love so well.You have been warned!
mikemack on 16 August 2002
tripping the riff was awesome just found it showed it to everyone at work they thought it was great waiting for next verison,
skell on 31 May 2002
"six on legs....there's nothing more to be said"
yttap on 15 March 2002
the full length sample on trippingtherift is the funniest animated movie i've ever scene. everyone i've showed it to laughed a ton...looking forword to more....
peachboy on 10 December 2001
i love TTR. where can i download the whole sequel? seems to be down.
Dec on 22 November 2001
I thought the first movie was so f*****g funny.Cant wait for the full version of the second one.May there be MANY more :o)
Carrion on 31 October 2001
Beware! If you don't like foul language you should not download this. The first episode got away with it because of the character development. I hope the TTR team can play off the characters rather than resort to bad language in their upcomming sequel. (**---)
faget on 17 October 2001
This was one of the best movies ever! I recommend that everyone see's it, and buys it on DVD or VHS.
Tripping the Rift!!, all the way!!
humberto on 12 October 2001
very, interesting work.....please send the other parts..