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Levi Strauss - Invisibility

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donwloadUploaded on 18/11/00
Hollowman and hollowoman are having sex, but you will not see them ;)
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saber69 on 22 April 2010
c v
STEPH on 27 August 2004
I am looking for an old Levi commercial that was shown on MTV and then removed from the air due to some controversy of the ad.

Appreciate any suggestions you may have.
s2000dude on 17 March 2003
I am looking for the animated commercials from Levi Strauss Jeans from the 70's-80's. They are at a campfire dressed as cowboys and light a cigarette. The animation makes them look as though they are real. I hope you can help me.

pezza on 28 April 2001
great,but wish there was more to