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Nike - Chainsaw

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donwloadUploaded on 13/10/00
A very controversial ad that was withdrawn from TV screens
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jeesdipri on 14 November 2013
mike83 on 24 March 2006
im just curious about it
eva on 11 February 2006
yea. i am dying to know what the song is from that commercial when the guy is in bed then he like gets up and starts running...and weird stuff like that.

i really wan to find it. :]
gurchroot on 13 September 2005
I would also like the find the one Nike Commercial, where a guy is in bed then he gets up in puts on his shoes then he starts running then he leaps fro something. Please help me find it.
kristie on 13 September 2005
what a sweet commercial. i see absolutely nothing wrong with it. at all.
nickatina on 11 August 2005
hey poeple!!! whats the one Nike Commercial called where a guy is in bed then he gets up in puts on his shoes then he starts running then he leaps fro something?!?!??!
drjonathan on 7 June 2005
Hi. I'm looking for a nike commercial where there is a young jewish girl singing for her bat mitzvah in a really modern vocal style and just blowing the rabbi away. Has anybody seen that commercial? I would love it if you could email me with some help. THanks.
acdcrocks on 2 December 2004
Hey - has anyone seen the add where it is bernie mac in a church - and he goes on *CAN I GET A LAYUP?!* that is one of my favorite adds EVER lol
Phil on 25 October 2004
good ad i don't see whats so controversial
NativeMainer on 9 August 2004

I still can't download this video clip. What do I need to do?

I've clicked on the download button, and it goes to the next page. The page tells me how to download, by right-clicking on the picture, but there is no picture.
Sbc on 1 July 2004
!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Give me a break!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I agree that commericals like this doesn't belong on t.v. We have enough sex, violence and sick-o's in this world on t.v. that we sure do not need commericals like this so children can watch it. Good move to take it off the air.
kukini on 20 April 2004
hey. anybody out there who has the "nike air flightposite commercial" dated few years back. i remember it starred a NBA player but geez, i cant remember who's the guy. I juz remember the shoe was awesome..
2710Colby on 12 March 2004
This commercial was, in a way, a work of art and true cinematic genius. It conveyed perfectly what the product is and how effective it is using POP culture. It is a crime and completely unconstitutional for this commercial to be censcored and stripped from television. And shame on those people who lobbied this off the air. Take more responsibilty in what your children are watching. If we had it your way, it'd be "Big Brother's" 1984 and we'd all be forced to watch "Teletubbies" with it's sheltered diversity and gallery of A-sexual and non-violent disturbing little creatures.
NativeMainer on 18 February 2004
Why can't I download this commercial? Or any of the others for that matter?
makaka on 9 February 2004
If the ad is so controversial, why the hell is it in here where thousand of people are roaming through every day and are able to download it? HUH?
nheru on 17 January 2004
bryan1951, playa16's grammer or grammar?
MikeMceuen on 10 October 2003
Im looking for a nike commercial that I only saw once. It has a guy running behind a pickup truck with a kid delivering newspapers and hes picking up the papers as the kid tosses them and throwing them really hard at the houses. please email me if you know what im talking about at thanks.
MARK on 1 June 2003
This is great! I love this commercial. It catches your attention and it is really funny. How can you not like it?
cal on 22 September 2002
I don't know if anyone out there can help me, but i am looking for the Nike commercial with women cretiquing themselves. At the end of the commercial they mention "the perfect ass is....anyone who listens to that crap". Anyway, if anyone knows where a download is it would be great. I have searched and can't find one. thanks.
Coug on 14 March 2002
Some of you people are just too uptight and have too much extra time on your hands, get a hobby. Do you not have anything better to do with your time then to worry about a single commercial that comes on TV? Turn off the TV and go build a puzzle with your kid if you're disturbed. You're probably viewing too much tv during the day anyway. If your child is unsupervised and sees that commercial and it bothers you then that's your fault, don't lay the blame on someone else. Your child is seeing more disturbing things on the cartoon network then what was in that video anyway. Stop being so anal retentive and sheltering your children. If you want to raise your child in a non-violent fantasy world then it's going to take some extra work on your part, but don't force others to live under your parenting ethics. Put your kid in front of a book instead of the television.
GinjaNinja on 28 February 2002
I don't see anything wrong with the ad. As for Mrs. A, what are kids doing up at a time past watershed when this ad was screened? And pixelwks, what you say about future gens. thinking we're insane for exposing kids to violence - violence is out there, it's real, it happens. Kids see it for real every single day. I'm not saying that's an excuse for showing violence on tv/film, but look at the ad again, it's clever and funny. Censorship is wrong - sure have warnings before items deemed 'strong' but let people make up their own minds eh?
bryan1951 on 23 February 2002
This commercial promotes violence, especially violence against women. Yes, the acting was ok and somewhat a waste of talent, but we do not have to be bombarded by more violence. In everyday life, we read about it (violence), see it on TV, and in some cases, experience violence in one way or another. I am pleased that the ad was pulled. And to playa16, if your use of grammer is an example of your intellect???, this comment speaks for itself.
Rich on 22 February 2002
I see nothing wrong with this ad, It takes a normal movie drama, and dresses it up for tv. There is no blood, guts, death or anything...What is conveys is do take care of yourself...keep yourself in able to protect yourself...It even breaks a stereotype of women that exists in many horror movies. That Woman in the ad is able to (for the most part) keep her composure and avoid the bad guy...She just dosen't stand there screamming....Over all it is an inventive ad that deserves more credit then it appears to be getting.
Mrs. A on 19 February 2002
I do not believe in censorship, but I do believe in media responsiblity. Yes, you can turn off the TV, change the channel, or just throw the TV out the front door. The problem is that unsupervised children watch these commericials, movie trailers, etc. You can only lay so much blame on the parents. The media must share some of the responsibility for all the violent images that young children and adolescents are exposed to on a nightly basis. We are a "image-driven" society, and the bombardment of violent images is having an effect on our society. Get real! Turning the TV off is too simple of a solution for a grave problem!
come together on 27 December 2001
pixelwks, you were offended by this ad? Were you recently transported in a time machine from the 1950s? There are channel buttons and an on/off button on your remote, you know. Use it.

You don't need different standards for commercials, because the standards for commericals are the same as the standards for regular programming--the later in the night it is, the more "adult" the programming and commercials will be.

And, oh, the children! We must protect the children! So let's simply censor everything on TV and just watch Disney animations from the 50s for now on. Instead of censoring everything that YOU find distasteful, perhaps you can let us adults choose for ourselves. As for the children, don't let them watch TV at certain times, or better yet, be a good parent and watch TV with them.
pixelwks on 9 October 2001
I remember being offended when I saw this ad on TV. It's still pretty offensive.

We can generally choose when, or if, we want to view violence. A TV ad comes unannounced into our homes over and over again. Commercials must therefore be held at a different set of standards.

Future generations will think that we were insane for viewing violence at all but especially insane for exposing our children to it.
rikker on 8 August 2001
the commercial is decent. too bad talented people are working for such a bad company.
enigma on 19 July 2001
playa16 on 26 April 2001
This is definetely one of the best Nike commercials I have ever seen. Me and my friends think it is hilarious.
Voxxer on 21 January 2001
Good commercial
farenheit on 17 January 2001
Controversial in what sense? We watch movie trailers on TV all the time. Is it the motivation that made it controversial?
drac on 17 January 2001