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Grape Scented

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donwloadUploaded on 17/3/05
A dork has setup base in the school library. Seeking to find new recruits for his Sci-fi Club, a beautiful girl enters, a shining ray of hope. That is until an evil space alien storms into the library. Looking aggravated and speaking in a tongue they do not understand, they fear the worst.

The evil space alien escapes, having captured the beautiful girl. The dork finds himself the only one who can save her. Skilled in the Jedi Arts he arms himself with his trusty lightsaber. Knowing his destiny, he will battle to determine the fate of the Sci-Fi Club FOREVER!

Directed and animated by: Sean Bartlett
Voices by: BJ Alexander, Rachel Webster, Devin Polichuk
Music by: goodwhatgood
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gavin1116 on 1 April 2005
WOW, this has got to be one of the coolest movies on this site. Great work.
Cuthbo on 20 March 2005
Cuthbo on 20 March 2005
Really great animation and story! Love it.