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The Awakening of Consciousness

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donwloadUploaded on 4/3/05
A strong cosmic connection exists between Japanese writing and transcendental meditation. A connection that traces the bonds between the stream of life and the contrast of the fleeting nature of our bodies and the perennial life of our eternal souls.
In feudal Japan the links between calligraphy, religion and the art of war were broken by bad interpretations of ancestral teachings. They caused Japanese society of the time to lose its equilibrium.
In that atmosphere of decadence Ryotaro appeared, a young Samurai who, at an early age, showed a wisdom that dazzled the sagest scholars of his time. His discipline in the martial arts was legendary, and could only be compared to
his ability in the mystic calligraphic exercises.
As has happened to many others down the centuries who have found enlightenment and who have pursued the truth, he was persecuted by members of resentful cults whose institutions his teachings threatened.
One of his most famous teachings is the parable that narrates this story.

Authors: Santiago Hurtado and Daniel Ruiz
Music: Francois Jolin
Sounds: Pablo Peiroo
Voices: Jorge Tejedor

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Santi Hurtado on 22 March 2005
We'd be very pleased to hear some of your comments on the movie as crits always help someone to learn more.

Thanks a lot and hope you enjoy the movie.
finiderire on 16 March 2005
Excellent release !
Ingenious graphical technics mix, great sound, tripping ending =)

PS : sorry for mistakes, i'm a french guy trying my best to be understood ;)
Fierlion on 14 March 2005
awesome look-nice juxtaposition of 8 16 32 164 bit work. Super-Hot