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Jurassic Park III

3.97/5 (311 votes)
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donwloadUploaded on 8/5/01
The new episode of the well known serie is coming out on July 18th
While waiting watch this trailer !
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ssss on 13 January 2010
thanks for u
amal abo elfotoh on 15 July 2008
Nelson Chow on 5 December 2004
no comment
mason on 7 March 2004
i love the jurassic park film and books.i was wondering very kindly would you be able to send me a copy of jurassic park survivour free of charge to

53 Durham Road
South Wales
nP19 7DS

please consider my email

thank you

sighned J.MASON AGE:12
ann on 6 August 2003
I like it especially the raptors wonderful and very exciting.
naynay on 30 January 2003
I don't know how to rate it I didn't play the game yet
Lunarkitty on 2 August 2002
Well.... I liked it plenty.. My cousin said it stunk comparing to the others, but according to everyone else it ROX! n.n I luv velociraptors, they're my number one FAV! (Mommy can I take one home? XD) We all know that answer... but thats not the point! -.o Anyway, it was an awesome movie and I look forward to the next! Keep on going Universal Pictures! W00t!
Phenom1K on 2 December 2001
Basically, I think JPIII is not at all bad. I am now looking at the "Glass is half full". but take this into account:
Fans of JP want to see action and drama that is expressed in Michael crichton's Books. Without that feeling and emotion, the movie is worthless. Now I am looking at the glass is half-empty.
I think JPIII is going to be a wonderful
movie, don't get me wrong, but as a video game programmer, I think the special effects could be spiced up a bit more, and the music "eviler". Anyways, it is a great movie.
Sy on 10 August 2001
Wonderful and exciting
mercury on 24 July 2001
It was a pretty good movie...ok, so the plot was a little dry, but it was made up with good humor and good action. the effects were great and if ya havent seen it, your missin out.
JC on 7 July 2001
I love your web page. Since I live in Mexio, I can have a knowledge of the movies that will hit my country even before the trailers are released here. I would love to have automatic sincronization in the mornings using ActiveSync and being able to download the morning news in my Compaq i-Paq. Since I am a rancher and work away from the city, I would like to watch the news in my leisure time.
If you know about a web page that will alow me to download the news in the morning automatically, please let me know.
Julio Lezama.
Inka Kola (PERU) on 7 June 2001
Excellent ! Good realization and production. Good graphics design. It is awesome ! Recommended to all who like animals ! I'd like to have one of these as a pet !
Chesire Cat on 14 May 2001
OK, the raptors are really smart. WE GET IT ALREADY!
Voxxer on 13 May 2001
Jurassic Park I.....okey..
Jurassic Park II....deja vĂș...
Jurassic Park III...what it this? RAMBO?

Nope..the "main characters" died million years ago... so did the movie concept if you ask me ;)
oon on 10 May 2001
never been try before