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Maybe one Morning

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donwloadUploaded on 9/12/09
Maybe one Morning
VFS 3d animation and Visual Effects
my reel based on a Eugenio Montale's poem
"Forse un mattino"

"Maybe one morning, walking in dry, glassy air,
I’ll turn, and see the miracle occur:
nothing at my back, the void
behind me, with a drunkard’s terror.

then, as if on a screen, trees houses hills
will suddenly collect for the usual illusion.
But it will be too late; and I’ll walk on silent
among the men who don’t look back, with my secret."

location vancouver

software used

music and soundFX by
Ajay Bhattacharyya

please give me suggestions and critics to improve my work!
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jne on 31 January 2010

great demoreel ! I really like it.

Thanks for choosing sph3re also : )

Jérôme - webmaster of
Finiderire on 8 January 2010


Nice one

The acting should have been a girl (more attractive) ;-)

It's a great idea to show a "making of" too, so it is to introduce with the poem.