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Queen of the Damned

4.22/5 (419 votes)
Downloads : 71190
donwloadUploaded on 19/12/01
The new Lestat adventures taken from Anna Rice books.
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buky92 on 1 May 2010
movie is the best, love it
imfamous84 on 27 February 2010
awsome movie
imfamous84 on 27 February 2010
Stakon on 3 October 2009
really nice movie!
daughter_of_evil on 4 September 2009
love this movie :))
ashutosh on 1 February 2009
best vampire movie ever sexy aaliyah
gypsyrose on 22 January 2009
best vampire movie ever
playwitthakitty on 14 January 2009
i love ths
Unperfected_X on 19 April 2008
no actually stuart townsend plays lestat in queen of the damned and tom cruise plays lestat in interview with a vampire therefore your both right but yea in this movie it is stuart townsend... anyway i love the film and the books and evrytime i watch this film it remains on my mind for the next week
>vampire kidlet< on 9 April 2008
i liked this movie
but the books were waaaayyy....better
its annoying that they left out louis and mekare and they got marius all wrong!
and way to not give armand more lines!!
the start is not even in the book 'the queen of the damned'-its from 'the vampire lestat'
i swear they only got about 4 lines actualy from the book itself

oh and yeh, Utopia is right tom cruise is lestat and brad pitt is louis....
Utopia on 26 February 2007
hey Aleman12345678 in Interview... Tom Cruise IS the Vampire Lestat, Brad Pitt is Louis, have you even seen the movie?
Brat prince on 2 July 2006
Well, even though I hvae read the books, and loved them.... I love the movie too.
Lestat played by Stuart IS hot :)
Oh about the blonde hair...
They tried making Stuart blonde. But he looked so awful that they rather kept him dark haired.
Saruwatari on 11 March 2006
...i HATED this movie. mister Stuart will NEVER, and i repeat NEVER replace Tom Cruise {of Interview with the Vampire, for all of you anne rice retardants--which also starred a host of other people who are still known today - antonio bandares, kirsten dunst, brad pitt, et cetera} as Lestat. NEVER.

...and, here's an interesting fact for any one who cares. there is a character in an anne rice book with the name Stuart Townsend {or however you spell his last name}.

...oh, and one more interesting fact: that character dies. ^__^
hot lestat on 13 February 2006
i think the stuart played lestat very well he was HOT in it very well done and if you go here
and go to music videos then movies right under the pic the vampire movies you will find some cool music
videos on qotd iwtv and underworld i just hope u have divc installed if not u can install there r pretty cool these are the songs system forsaken slept so long tainted love forever gone forever you
whisper wings of steel befor i'm dead living dead girl
Titus on 2 November 2005
This was a great movie ohh man i just love it. Stuart Townsend made me forget that he wasnt really a vampire and Aaliyah wow she blew me away with the way she moved so unrel like. I think the actors they picked for this movie made it great.
ozzytwix i love vampire movies on 25 March 2005
if you download exeem from (it is free) u can download loads of things movies and albums and queen of the damned is on there. and if any one knows any good horror movies or vampire movies please tell me, thanx
----------I love queen of the damned-------------
ArokQ on 3 March 2005

hey if anyone knows where to Download the "real" songs by John Davis PLEASE post ! i love 'em!
Un-named parisian child of darkness on 12 January 2005
Stuart townsend looks so f*kin hot in qotd (the bits of the film without him in were sh!t)
Emily on 17 December 2004
I, indeed, am a die-hard rice fan and although the movie was overrated, it was at the same time good in my eyes. Its a completely different view on Rice's world than IWAV, even if it isn't at all accurate.

But what I'm looking for is anybody who has a web site where I can get free music of the movie. Not the soundtrack, the Lestat songs, sung by John Davis. I don't want the music videos, I want the music, the part capable of being put onto a CD for on-the-go enjoyment. If anybody knows where I can get them, specifically 'Not Meant For Me,' please email me at I already have some songs I got off of a German web site, but most are incomplete.


all in german... the ones that say 'audio' you can download. Forsaken has a glitch throughout the whole thing, some guy talking about the movie, but you can only hear it in the background sometimes. System is incomplete, Slept So Long and Redeemer are perfect.
Aleman12345678 on 2 November 2004
hey childs i have 2 tell u some thing. in interveiw tom cruise isnt the Vampire Lestat! he is Louis
evanesent on 16 October 2004

Personaly, I found that Stuart Townsend made a MUCH better Lestat than Tom Cruise. He's much more convincing... and i think he has the Lestat "look" more than Cruise. People say Townsend looks "too young" to play Lestat. I dissagree, seeing as he has the appearnce of a 26 year old man. Cruise looks about 30.

I've only read IWTV, but i'm about half way through The Vampire Lestat.

Actually... The best part in Interview with the Vampire is Lestat dancing with Claudia's mother's corpse.

Queen of the Damned (In the perspective of one who hasn't read the book) was more entertaining. The soundtrack was very good, and altough some of the special effects were crap (Akasha coming out of the Admairal's Arms, the swooping vampires at the concert) almost everything was well done.

Obsessed Vampiress on 16 October 2004
Please, Pleas does anyone knows were to download whole movie? I'll die if I won't see it! I'm really bored by pics that I got. I need to see the movie, pls, if anyone knows were to find it let me know!
carebear on 28 July 2004
Did u kno that Stuart Townsend was drunk in the concert scene? Yup, that whole scene he was drunk! Oh yea i just have to mention that LESTAT IS SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO F*CKING SEXY!!! AHHH!!!!
kopele on 25 July 2004
it`s a good film with vrry good music
laine kuroitenshi on 25 January 2004
I had only read 1 vampire chronicle by anne rice, the queen of the damned, anyway I wish I had all the vampire chronicles because I can relate to Lestat's feelings and attitude.
Les Vampire on 30 August 2003
I know i'm a bit late on the uptake, but does anyone know where i can download qotd??? email me.

I love this movie, and i am also a huge fan of the anne rice books. I think that the movie should be judjed as a compleatly sperate pice of work to the books, even though they go as the same name. There was no way they were EVER going to include all the plot lines in the movie
(though, in some ways they didn't use any...)well....anyways, i loved it, and thats all that matters
Enkil on 19 April 2003
you also access to this site updates on anne rice's other movie at
Enkil on 12 April 2003
hey all

check out this Queen of the Damned

Download free mp3 songs. Description of the casts role. Watch clips. And alot more.

btw this movie rocks
agung on 10 April 2003
everything is so good for me
WithoutPurpose on 19 February 2003
I've viewed the entire movie and I must agree that it does not have much similarities to Anne Rice's written work. However, the movie was very good and I'm a 'bit' obsessed now ;_; Stuart Townsend gave Lestat a very erotic and sexy image (I applaud his acting skills) and whilst Aaliyah did not portray Akasha to the character's true nature, her acting was decent. I loved the music in the movie and have downloaded the soundtrack off WinMX. The image that will probably stay clearest in a viewer's mind is the character Lestat (ahem, my favorite), beautiful, exotic, mysterious, and a vampire that has not yet surrendered his soul to the devil (thus having human compassion and emotions).
Complication7 on 3 January 2003
This movie is a piece of shit. All they did was take the names from the book and made their own story. This is worse than fanfiction. Marius made Lestat? Come on! What the hell happened to Magnus, Mekare, Gabrielle, and Louis?!? Even my friend who hadn't read the books thought it was horrible, the only reason it was saved was because Aaliyah died and there was a bunch of sex gibberish. Even the ending was different. What happend to Mekare ripping off Akasha's head? And Louis getting all mad at Lestat for playing with David? Interview was much better, Anne Rice even said that Tom Cruise captured Lestat's sense of humor. Read the books and you'll see why those that have, have such a dislike of this movie.
QOTD & Lestat Fan on 16 December 2002
Guys, if you want to download the Queen of the Damned movie go to the Kazaa downloading site. You will find heaps of movies there as well as audio, images, software and more. You may also find it on the WinMX website. Let me know if you have difficulty.
RavenChic on 15 September 2002
I loved the movie, i want to down load the whole thing so if any one could help, i would love that. Thanks!!!!
benny on 7 September 2002
stuart townsend is hotter than hell in this movie. so did anyone find the website to download the whole movie? let me know
Lestat's kitten on 3 September 2002
could anyone send me the email where i can download the movie?
wildchic on 10 August 2002
how do i download the movie queen of the damned on my computer. please help me!!! i love that movie.
Maharet's sister on 6 June 2002
First, a warning: I'm a big fan of the books by Anne Rice.

That's why I have to say this: This movie is NOTHING like the books. I understand that one can't convert a book into a movie without making some consessions, but this is ridiculous.
The whole story has been raped here. I agree, Stuart Townsend did a pretty good job, and that 'the vampire lestat' gig was really good, but to so utterly destroy a storyline? Please.

To truely understand this movie, which leaves way too many things unexplained, one has to have read the book. That's not a good thing.

This is the first movie I (and my friends, some of whom hadn't even read the book) ever walked out of. Normally, I figure that since I payed to see a movie I'll try to survive 'till the end, but this was just too much.

Mekare (Remember, Maharet's sister?) wasn't even in it, and she plays a vital part in the original story.

Sorry if I stepped on any toes here, just wanted to get it out. I feel much better now, thank you.
Nefertem on 2 May 2002
If any one has found a site with the entire movie for download I would REALLY love to know where... pretty please :)
passerby on 10 April 2002
Did anyone figure out how and where to download the entire movie?
Lestat's one and only on 5 April 2002
Where can i download the movie it's only the trailer up above....please email me with the address of where i may obtain the download im dying to watch the movie again.....I MUST HAVE IT,
AND HAVE IT SOON!!!!!!!!!!

once again my email is
Jedah on 21 March 2002
can somebody please send me the second part of queen of the damned , or where can i download it, i mean the entire movie, i got the first half, but i need the second.
Risika on 17 March 2002
This movie rocks, and Lestat is exotic, and extremly hot, with a kick ass personality.

::: release, the beast withen if you want to be wild & free:::
no_phix on 17 March 2002
Stuart Townsend is sooooo sexy. Hes the best actor they couldve picked. He did an amazing job. The books are awesome and so was the movie.
Armand's Sweetie on 16 March 2002
I *loved* this movie!!!! Way better than "Interview". Stuart is the best Lestat, even without blonde hair. (Sorry, Tom!)
Gothica on 16 March 2002
The movie was really really good and even though Stuart Townsend wasn't wearing the blonde wig he made a much better and sexier Lestat then Tom Cruise!!
Leshia on 8 March 2002
I loved the movie. I think Aaliyah was really good as playing Akasha. I think that Lestat was very cute and him and Aaliyah played real good together. I think if Aaliyah was still alive, she would be proud of her work and her movie.
complication7 on 31 January 2002
I hope that it stays true to the book. I've read all of the chronicles and all I have to say is that this story changes everything in the chronicles. If you have read the books, DON'T VIEW THIS MOVIE AS THE BOOK. Just watch it for the movie and just that. :)
Jaded on 30 January 2002
Lestat (Stuart Townsend) is so sexy! I love how he moves around the microphone! Even though it's quite different from the books, it still looks like it'll be a great film.
King of the Damned on 22 January 2002
Looks like i've found my match!!!!
shockman on 9 January 2002
looks like a really good film.