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Star Wars : Episode 2 (Attack of the Clones)

  • 4.35/5
4.35/5 (2296 votes)
Downloads : 267747
donwloadUploaded on 5/11/01
Breathing : The brand new teaser (official one this time ;-)) !
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Act3on on 19 September 2011
good film
coookie on 26 September 2010
great film
coolnewell on 13 July 2010

cookiethree333 on 19 February 2010
lolo on 31 January 2010
great thx
Kenserksy on 10 January 2010
djumbo13 on 5 December 2009
Agusto on 15 April 2008
I havent seen all star wars movies in my life. I have decided to see all of them because every body makes a big deal about them. I have anly seen 1-4 and hated the 4th one because of the ugly graphics. this might be your face if you are a fag and have no life D= ...........but yea..........
Philip on 9 November 2007
star wars episode 2 rules
alex on 7 April 2006
I am a huge starwars fan i almost have all the games i hope to get the ones that have been realesed about a month ago or something.Well if you have any questions for me i'm sorry because someone could scam me.
LadyPadawan on 4 July 2005
Whoever said the thing about digging the "forbidden love" thing was kinda sappy. Too shakespearean, really. And then the "there's only two siths, no more, no less. But who did we kill? The master or the apprentice." is rhyming

you can get scripts at Blue Harvest ( Blue harvest=code name for return of the jedi) for all but episode three, but you can find that at imsdb- the internation movie script database.

Lazarus on 21 May 2005
Alright, first, Episode 3 was AWESOME! Absolutely EPIC! I won't give anything away for those who haven't seen it yet, but it was unbelievable, though the dialogue is lacking. Second, yea, Limewire's a real good site for downloading movies and wat not. Go to, it's like a 10-20 minute dl, then your set. Finally, I just wanted to reply to all the comments on Episode 2. I'm a huge Star Wars fan, and, personally, i felt that Ep. 2 was crap. I mean, great special effects and all, but the story line was horrible. Fortunately, Ep. 3 makes up in incredible fashion for 2. Oh, and, as for my ranking of the movies, its : 5, 6, 4 and 3 tie, 1, 2. Basically, the original trilogy leaves the new part of the saga in the dust (though i think episode 3 is definetly worthy of the original trilogy name). Peace all.
Revan on 21 May 2005
You can find any star wars movie or song using a program called limewire just search on google and install you obviously need internet access. Oh yeah anyone want a gmail account just send an email to:
X Wing Fighter on 12 October 2004
Nice trailer,

Take also a look @ my site:,

X Wing Fighter
Conor(w) on 17 February 2004
I have a feeling that you might not be able to download star wars ep.2. But if you people want to try anyway im sure you might find something. And one more thing, if anyone knows where to download star wars music send a e-mail to me.
Conor(w) on 17 February 2004
I am a huge star wars fan. Im not saying im more of a fan then you are but i have action figure..plastic lightsabers,board games, all the movies(except one)and so on..
I have read most of everyons thoughts and i got to the point where I wondered why howcome they havent made episode 3 now? Yes i know it is co- ming out, but next year is quiet a long time..And I bet other people think so to. I know what happends in episode 3 to its really cool. I could go on and on but I dont want to make a whole story here.. If you want to know what happends in episode 3 just send a e-mail to
victor on 22 January 2004
quiero la contidad de vehiculo que hay en Arequipa por marcas tipos de vehiculos solo de arequipa rejistrados esto enbienelos al co correo de victor por fabor
Baba on 27 October 2003
It's good.
Darth Vader on 7 May 2003
I need it free too ;)
Darth Vader on 7 May 2003
Does anyone know where to get a full movie download of Star Wars: Episode 6 Return of the Jedi?
Darth_Stephanus on 1 May 2003
I have to say I am the biggest SW fanatic of all time, my friends think I'm possed by the movie and I am! I make my own lightsabers and am now learning to use the force.
jm on 23 March 2003
where can i find a downloadable soundtrack of episode 2 atoc for free? pls help me. i need it for or school play!
aulatec on 27 February 2003
Godd site to download videos and more
Richard on 4 December 2002
Just in reply to Bill.
It seems strange how you are commenting on how cheap a website is when you're the one that is looking for the free movies.

Seems a bit backward to me.
kcwong on 23 October 2002
Does anyboby knows how to play AVI files in pocket pc ? email me at
sandy on 24 September 2002
can someone tell me why jengo is posting fake emails recommending his site?
john on 15 September 2002
Does anyone know were can i donwload full star wars epysode II?
Bill on 5 September 2002
Your pathetic, Id get you for false advertising, if i could be bothered and if the web wasnt full of it already. Ive looked everywhere to try and find a download site for movies and then see this
Web Pages Search: Fastest sources | All sources

>Found 59 Displaying: 1-15
>Download Star Wars : Episode 2 (Attack of the >Clones) from [AltaVista, All >The Web]
>Download Star Wars : Episode 2 (Attack of the >Clones) from >the resource for MPEG Movies for Pocket PC

What a heep of Bullshit. There are no movies here. Probably never was.

>Due to bandwidth restriction the videos files >are no longer available.

What a cop out. Theres no such thing as limitations, only cheepscates who cant afford a new server.

ALFREDOJRV on 13 August 2002
????????? on 5 August 2002
sheila on 31 July 2002
Hey! There is something about Star Wars that I still don't understand! Why did Obi-one let Darth Vader kill him so easily? I don't understand.
Conor on 31 July 2002
hey guys i've seen aotc 6 times and thought it was frigging sidious/palpatine suspicions is that palpatine is definitely a clone of sidious, i mean, palpatine just doesn't dress like a goth and travel to some broken down factories, than leave and get back to the senate. it also explains why the jedi can't sense palpatine in the force. you know there was a deleted scene at the climax where ki-adi-mundi and plo koon storm a federation blockade ship with a handful of other jedi and they take over the bridge, a lot've action and stunts, but it had to be deleted. if anyone wants to talk more ( i could go on forever) than email me ( later
Conor on 31 July 2002
hey guys i've seen aotc 6 times and thought it was frigging sidious/palpatine suspicions is that palpatine is definitely a clone of sidious, i mean, palpatine just doesn't dress like a goth and travel to some broken down factories, than leave and get back to the senate. it also explains why the jedi can't sense palpatine in the force. you know there was a deleted scene at the climax where ki-adi-mundi and plo koon storm a federation blockade ship with a handful of other jedi and they take over the bridge, a lot've action and stunts, but it had to be deleted. if anyone wants to talk more ( i could go on forever) than email me. later-
Sheila K. Alves on 30 July 2002
Does anyone know were can i donwload full star wars epysode II? I heard about someone who did it....
please e-mail me:
Pablo on 24 July 2002
¡¡¡¡Star Wars está E-S-P-E-C-T-A-C-U-L-A-R-!!!!
Es la mejor película, tiene unos efectos increíble, Padmé está alucinante, y la trama muy copada. Yoda, único! Lo que sé es que la secuencia estará para el 2005.
i luv natalie on 11 July 2002
The reason why blood doesn't come out when somebody gets sliced from a sabar is because the cut is, it stops the blood from coming hot...(a big mistake in "A New Hope" when Obi Wan uses his light sabor to cut the dude's arm off...blood comes out, not supposed to because, well, you know why)

bye all, Natalie Portman rocks!
yoda's padawan on 2 July 2002
I AM the BiGGEST star wars fan. I havent been able to see the new movie enough ! it's the best! My favorites go in this order...
Episode 2
Episode 6
Episode 1
Episode 4
episode 5
the planet of the apes and spider man.
I collect star wars figures and almost have them all. I open mine though. i dont like leaving them in the packages. and i make scenes with them.
Mara yoda's padawan
teddydom on 27 June 2002
it's k!
battle941 on 27 June 2002
i am a star wars fanatic, i guess we all are. when i saw ep.2, i was speechless. i couldn't explain how awesome it was.
Zeta on 26 June 2002
I am a big fan of Star Wars. My favorite sith is Darth Vader. Why doesn't blood come out of the body if they like lose there arm or get cut in half? I am one of the biggest fans of Star Wars.
Pabloo on 26 June 2002
This is the better film of the saga of Star Wars
VERY...and I mean VERY FRUSTRATED ( sp ) on 17 June 2002
I have done BOTH of the below things to try and get the SW2 episode to download and I am in a room full of guro's...Whats all that supposed to mean! I have paypal and will GLADLY take care of the person who helps me step by step to get this downloaded! I have spent HOURS to get this done and you know what I have to show for it? A very badly dented trash can and a SPLITTING headache!
God to bless the one who has this path I seek!
Ruler Of The Flame on 16 June 2002
Morpheus has it to, both parts, full movie. Very nice. Takes a while to load though
Whuden on 15 June 2002
its easier if u goto and read instructions on howto use IRC and goto the smr channels and get the smr version of the movie (its good quality)

but if u want roms or iso's (videogame stuff) u are welcome to my hub......(its good u are trying to bring ppl to the hub zeldamaster but its for ppl who want/share roms/iso's i want to come to my hub ...not only for the star wars ep2 movie

if u for some reason decides to get the movie from me get the SMR version because its good quality the TMD suck......but i miss the last part of the SMR so therefore its better if u get it from IRC.....if u are a 56k er u can get the TMD is bad quality but teh files are small and that version i have as a complete movie (2 files.......the smr is 3 and i have only 2 of that) =/

i will repeat myself.....if u like roms or iso's u are wery welcome to hub .....but rember to SHARE (and no DC++)

btw if u want to d/l from me u don't have to ask just d/l and ask for help in mainchat don't bother me
thunder on 15 June 2002

I've downloaded DIVX and Direct connect. How do I finish the rest of the download for E2? I'm sorry, I'm not that knowledgeable in downloading. Thanks.
zeldamaster on 10 June 2002
Hey everyone I know where you can Download the WHOLE MOVIE of Star Wars Episode 2!

Simply download a program called Direct Connect (It's like Morpheus or Kazza, get it at )

You'll notice Direct Connect is a lot different from Morpheus or Kazza. It is community based, meaning there are little communities called Hubs where a relativly small amount of users can chat, and share files. Go to this hub:

And look for a user named Whuden (he is the owner of the hub. He lives in Sweeden, meaning he goes to sleep from about 7PM EST to 3AM EST, so try to get on when he is awake.)
Now just browse his files and Star Wars is in there! You'll need DivX to run it though. You can get DivX at:

YOu'll need to DL both of the Star Wars files to be able to watch the whole movie, it is about 400 MB in all (Hope you have a cable or ADSL).

Hope this helps some of you fans.
luke on 9 June 2002
The trailor is so cool! Oh also could you tell me where to download it.Thanks
tiffany on 5 June 2002
hey! i love star wars episode 2! i think the love story was really played well in this movie and some of the lines [ok girly soppyness coming through] were actually quite romantic.wish i had script too read it hehe! but brilliant film! love the effects!
Tony on 5 June 2002
Well, The best Star Wars so far has hit the cinemea's. Cool battle scenes and not to mention the love scenes. Music is always a great part in Star Wars and has continued to be in Episode II.
I give this great movie a 10 outta 10
Anakin on 5 June 2002
The music from Anakin and Padme is so beautiful
and the duel of fates is quite possibly one of the best music John Williams has ever writtin!!

daggs on 4 June 2002
I absolutely loved the movie especialy seeing Yodda in full action. I have especialy enjoyed reading the views of all the die-hard fans on this site.can someone please tell me where i can download the full movie from.
richard on 4 June 2002
JonnY on 1 June 2002
ok u fuckers stop asking for a link to download it there is none!! go on KAZAA!! or LIMEWIRE or some shit and download it there is no url !!!
John on 31 May 2002
CAN SOMEONE Please give me an web site to
download the full Star Wars Episode II
invader on 31 May 2002
Ok, now I've seen attack of the clones 4 times already. I just can't get enough of it. The anti-gravity vehichles, the light sabers, the telekanetic powers, the human clones. And I just love the story lines, so much going on at once it just keeps you on your toes. I CANT TAKE IT. Would someone please e-mail me a website where I could download the whole movie. PLEASE. ARHG
James Lamont on 30 May 2002
Here is the plot for Star Wars Episode 3

Two years after Attack of the Clones, Anakin Skywalker and Padme Amidala are married, The Republic is at war with Count Dooku's Confederacy of Independent Systems, and Darth Sidious is preparing to make the final move that will ensure him control of the galaxy. With it's nearly endless supply of clone soldiers, the Republic is gaining ground against the Confederacy. Determined to avoid defeat, Dooku places a bounty on the Jedi Knights, who have already come under fire from the Republic itself. When Anakin turns to the Dark Side of the Force and joins the genocidal purge, Obi-Wan Kenobi must fight to protect Padme and her children as he heads toward a tragic showdown with his former pupil.

AND PLEASE CAN SOME1 give me an web adress to download the full SW E2 !!!!!!!!!! Ive seen it, it was so good so please some1 help !!.
Andy on 30 May 2002
Where can I get a download of EII? Would someone please send me a mail?
rhonderoo on 26 May 2002
Yeah, I've been looking all over for it!!
James Lamont on 26 May 2002
Hello, I have seen Star Wars Episode 2 and it was brilliant. Palpentine is Sidious and hbe is the Emperor and he makes Anakin join the Dark Side and people were can I download Episode 2 of the net (the whole movie)??.
newly converted sw die hard fan on 23 May 2002
i've seen E2 only twice but iam addicted to it!!! i'm totally hooked on the entire "forbidden love" storyline.

i want to know...where can i get/download this AWESOME MOVIE!!!!!!!!!!!!
Obi_jace on 23 May 2002
Many may not agree with the piracy issue, but in my case I look at the fact that I have spent thousands on Star Wars merchandise and that I will be buying the DVD when it is released. I also won't be passing on the copy I have, and I won't be making money off of it. (I would hate to hear that someone is) I know that this isn't a good excuse. The only reason I downloaded a copy is the fact AOTC isn't going to be at the theaters for ever and its a long wait until the DVD comes out. I'll still be going to the movies to see it as many times as I can before its run finishes. It would also be wrong to acquire a pirated copy if you haven't seen it at the theater.

P.S Of course Palpatine is Sidious! Haven't you guys been watching the movies properly?
R2D2_bob on 23 May 2002
I have seen Ep 2 five times. It is the best Star Wars movie so far. I thought C3PO's part was a little overdone, almost as a Jar Jar substitute, although Jar Jar really didn't bug me too much in Ep 1. (By the way, I thought Jar Jar was a C3PO substitute in Ep 1.) I could have done without Anakin's nightmare (that short scene). But the movie rocked! Shmi's death was really sad. When you think of Anakin leaving his mom in Ep 1, you can't help but just feel so sorry for him. I loved the final battle and light saber duels. Yoda was much friendlier and funnier than ever. Great emotion, action, ... This movie had everything. Can't wait till Ep 3 comes out. And another thing: of course Palpatine is Darth Sidious.
tre on 22 May 2002
Second that.....
JabbaTheHutt on 22 May 2002
Saw it Digital. Top of the pops. Now we know why Yoda IS the best!
Mathias on 22 May 2002



Die hard SW fan on 22 May 2002
I am a die hard fan so anybody that reads this Lucas is cool! I've seen E2 6 times and it is the best. Everything comes into play, Palpatine is Darth Sidious' pawn. I own E2 now and have seen it 12 times. Great movie, lots of hidden monologue, so screw the critics, who needs a script.
SFantu on 20 May 2002
cool and the best of the best.good work lucas.ciao
550Spy on 20 May 2002
Hey All...

I have a thought. I just saw EPII and I loved it. It just occured to me (as to many, I'm sure) that maybe Palpatine is a clone of the Emperor.

It would be good reason why the Jedi can't sense the Force through Palpatine. He doesn't have it. But the Emperor is using Palpatine as a pawn.

The Emperor will simply get rid of Palpatine once the Emperor feels comfortable making a public appearance and finally taking over the republic.

Just a thought

-[[SkyNet]]- on 19 May 2002
Episode II has received some unfair reviews but I'm sure that the die-hard SW fans will agree, it's the best in the saga yet.
ñlaskdj on 18 May 2002
the best film
Metamyr on 17 May 2002
I saw this movie tonight, and, without saying too much, That movie Rocked! The great part is how it all builds up to the climax, but it's not resolved.... Now to wait for Episode 3... (The Clone Wars?)
Optimusprimerib on 11 May 2002
Sounds like Jar-Jar's going to equally annoying this time around.
Jeremy on 10 May 2002
If I got the soundtrack on CD, how can I put it into computer? Apparently the Cd says that it is not to be put in PC/Mac.....
Judge Dredd's older, smarter brother on 5 May 2002
I am shocked at you people. There is The Law against this kind of flagrant piracy for a reason. An artist has a right to the fruits of his labor. If you like/want his stuff, trade him for what he wants/likes (you guessed it -- money). If you don't want to deal, don't just steal it.

That's where I come in: how do you plea to theft, guilty or not guilty. (Not guilty? ... I knew you'd say that.)

Guilty as charged. You are ordered to pay five-times restitution. Case closed.

Court's adjourned.
Jango Fett on 5 May 2002
I found the script here:

Does anyone know where I can download the "Across the Stars" Music Video?
DarthSickness on 29 April 2002
Here's a direct link to the group
DarthSickness on 29 April 2002
Join my group \M/ SITH TEMPLE \M/ at

I'll send you all the soundtrack, the trailers, the TV spots and the Across the Stars music video.
AutoPilot on 23 April 2002

You can download it from


pappy on 22 April 2002
I would like to read the script for attack of the clones can you e-mail me a copy. Thanks, Pappy
incogneeto on 20 April 2002
For those of you looking for AOTC Soundtrck, download Kazaa (similar to bearshare or Morpheus) and do a search on Audio and type in Attack of the Clones. All tracks are there.

anonimous...if you read this again, I'd like a copy of the script.
AutoPliot on 20 April 2002

To Anonymous:

I do. Pleas e-mail it to me.


mattbritton on 18 April 2002
i have to say that i am anxious to see "Attack of the Clones" Phantom Menace was super awesome, but clones will be better. my question is: when will the book of ep.II be released? id love to own it , as i own every book and comic on starwars from the beginning to now.
anonimous on 16 April 2002
Someone wants to read the original script? E-mail me and i´ll send to you.
Big C on 16 April 2002
I've been searching for the soundtrack for Attack of the clones and I've found it on bearshare and morpheus but they jolly well won't download. Anyone know any other reliable sites to get the soundtrack?
J on 16 April 2002
I downloaded the episode 2 soundtrack from bearshare last week.
Krazy Erin-Gurl on 13 April 2002
Hey "Darth Sickness," do you know WHERE I can download the AOTC soundtrack? On they said it's online, but they couldn't post a link to it... I can't find it anywhere!!
Captain Matlab on 11 April 2002
I hear they are thinking of re-casting Jean Luc Picard for EIII!
Darth Sickness on 9 April 2002
Episode I was awesome. It kept me on the edge of my seat the entire time and left me wanting more at the end. Brilliant fight scenes, fabulous effects and it introduced the new Star Wars characters nicely. Anyone that disagrees needs to stop smoking magic markers! Attack of the Clones will be even better, from what I've seen in the Choices, Breathing, Forbidden Love, Mystery and Clone War trailers, this movie might even rival Empire Strikes Back. One last note, the AOTC soundtrack is amazing!
batman on 4 April 2002
Having seen the trailers for EII (by the way, are you going to post trailers 2-4?), I think it will be much better than EI. EI never made to the level of the original of the original trilogy because we never really cared about the characters. All of that will change, I think, in EII. Should I get in line now?
JoNi on 2 April 2002
All four trailers were brilliant. I don't think Palpatine will reveal himself in this one but I heard a rumour that Padmé(Queen Amidala/Senator Padmé) gets pregnant in this movie!!!

Can't wait
sithlord001 on 27 March 2002
The newster trailer has me all fired up...anyone think the palpatine will reveal himself inthis one.....big emp fan
Avi on 18 March 2002
could you also post the 4th trailor?...thanks in advance.
El gusano on 12 March 2002
I want to see the 4th trailer not any other of the three!!!! thank you for writing me when you get it.
killer on 11 March 2002
star wars rules
over 40 on 19 February 2002
I go way back to the original release in 1977.
I saw the first one more times than I wish to tell. This is a tease. But Great stuff. God only know how many times I'll see this one.
eternity_gal86 on 14 February 2002
The trailer woz cool! Can't w8 2 c dis MOVIE!!!!
hola on 9 December 2001
quiero ver trailers the starwars2
PocketMovies Webmaster on 15 November 2001
Why going so far ;-)
The trailer is available here at and many others (more recent) at
cherrybomb00 on 14 November 2001
You can download the fake trailer from
Matt Ford on 11 November 2001
good stuff, good stuff
Smong on 8 November 2001
This 'fake' trailer sounds interesting... Where can I get a copy?
Daniel Lui on 8 November 2001
Darth Sushi on 7 November 2001
Nice, but I'm waiting for the other 2 trailers coming out on Nov 9 and Nov 16, which are both over 2 minutes long!
ajedi-knight on 7 November 2001
The trailer is great just what it is a tease ! many thanks to pocket movies dot net for making it available to download this site rocks ... help em out and make a donation !
Aroud on 6 November 2001
I don't know about you, but I REALLY REALLY REALLY want to se this movie.
It looks like it could be better than episode 1.
Q-Beam on 6 November 2001
Nice trailer. Just a bit smallish, though. Needs music. Faster download here than at !!!
Rssc_Stryker on 6 November 2001
I enjoyed this trailer, however it wasnt as dramatic nor suspensful as I would have hoped it would be. I really enjoyed the Episode 2 footage sure satisfied my tastes for the movie (for now). I would probably have added music to make the trailer more dramatic...say music from the "fake" trailer!
Rssc_Stryker on 6 November 2001
Good trailer...however it lacks the drama that the "fake" had. I like the episode 2 clips however I think that it wasnt very good on music make it more dramatic I would have added music from the fake...but there will probably be better trailers to come! Can't wait till this movie comes out!