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Star Wars Episode 2 - Clone War

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donwloadUploaded on 11/3/02
Yet another SW Ep 2 Trailer !
Enjoy it... and if you wish to make a little donation, you're mostly welcome as usual ;-)
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StarJedi1 on 24 May 2004

I love Star Wars in my life. My name is Chris and last name is Brandon. My job is Video L.C.C. at school with my someone. I am 14 years old almost 15. I live in Perryville, Missouri, USA. I wish i could help out with George Lucas. I can't wait till see Episode 3. Have a good time!!
Sean on 29 April 2003
Whow, my SPV is cool
micky on 22 April 2003
it is only a trailer now
force u 2 on 5 November 2002
I highly recommend that all starwars fans go see episode 2 on " I-MAX " these movies were made for the really big screen .From the opening you will be amazed at the sheer grandure of the film

70'*90' screen , 14,000 watts of explosions!!!

pototo on 31 October 2002
good site
wendell on 11 September 2002
I really enjoy it! Thanks.
wertyu on 30 August 2002
Pablo on 24 August 2002
this is the most powerfull movie of the sequence STAR WARS, this has all you need and mor, I can´t wait for the 2005 continue!!!!
using the force on 2 August 2002
where can I find a full film copy of star wars episode 2 dvd download?
Darth T. William on 27 July 2002
The greatness of Star Wars is so... fantastic. Myself I feel like I never want the Star Wars movies to end. I want more and more. I simply love the whole story, how people from other episodes appear in another (like Anakins mother) episodes. The whole fact that Anakin Skywalker, that nice and goodhearted fellow, became Darth Vader, an evil man dressed in black armor. That he turned against all that had to do with the Light side. He fought Obi-Wan, he started to feel strong hate against Yoda, and many others. That and much more feels so fantastic about Star Wars. I love you Star Wars!!! Don't leave me!!! I need you!!! - D.T.W. PS: It would be good if George Lucas could make a Star Wars serie, that each came with new episodes that lasted one hour, or maybe 35 minutes. PS2: I LOVE STAR WARS!!!!!!!!!!
anakin-wannabe on 7 July 2002
seen the film,loved's star wars,what can i say.
Two questions for those that know?

Where can i download swII, the full film that is?

Does anyone know if there will ever be a third trilogy to compliment the saga?...maybe episodes 7-9, i have heard that lucas may have originally written 9 storys.
noch on 1 July 2002
I want the link to download the episode 2 please
Mace on 28 June 2002
A great trailer with plenty to see and think about. If this does not bring fans back to the greatness of star wars nothing will. This looks like it promissess to be way better than the original. Though now that EP 1 has a sequal I believe that The Phantom Menace will seem more appealing and complete.

It´s very good
StormTrooper on 8 June 2002
I have recently been to see episide 2 And let me tell you no matter what the critics say.
I have heard a lot of people say that Attack of the clones is second to empire strikes back.
And coming from a big fan I would have believed that as well. But this is one you'll not be able to take your eyes from. It has made me believe In the mighty lucas again for all that is great about these movies. And I have something that should be said for all those people that tryed to call the actors wooden. You try acting alongside tennis-balls as creatures and Fantastic Imaginery worlds and see if you can pull it off so well. This film is sheer Excitement from start to finish and the effects so unbelievably spectacular you won`t see any any other movie this year In the same light.
**** Star
T2 of Japs on 7 June 2002
for what year is this movie really loved?? although it was the previous work which made full use of SFX which was markedly alike and progressed from front series -- too -- for oneself -- ヨーダ -- coming out -- Ob Wang and those two robot -- all were satisfactory only now Although it will be able to see also here if no less than two weeks are carried out the back, it does not wait!! (-*) Is it center of excitement already only by hearing that opening theme?
Darth Death on 6 June 2002
i heard that the movie is out on dvd and video in a few weeks can anyone confirm this?
James Lamont on 30 May 2002
Here is the plot for Star Wars Episode 3

Two years after Attack of the Clones, Anakin Skywalker and Padme Amidala are married, The Republic is at war with Count Dooku's Confederacy of Independent Systems, and Darth Sidious is preparing to make the final move that will ensure him control of the galaxy. With it's nearly endless supply of clone soldiers, the Republic is gaining ground against the Confederacy. Determined to avoid defeat, Dooku places a bounty on the Jedi Knights, who have already come under fire from the Republic itself. When Anakin turns to the Dark Side of the Force and joins the genocidal purge, Obi-Wan Kenobi must fight to protect Padme and her children as he heads toward a tragic showdown with his former pupil.

AND PLEASE CAN SOME1 give me an web adress to download the full SW E2 !!!!!!!!!! Ive seen it, it was so good so please some1 help !!.
Blue monkey on 28 May 2002
Ep 2 - Got it, watched it, loved it.
newbie on 26 May 2002
how do i download this trailer? please help...
CeTresPeO on 24 May 2002
May The Force Be With You
TheJediKnight on 21 May 2002
Just wondering, if you all say you hated Episode I so much, why did it make over 200 million dollars? I liked it, although Jar Jar is annoying.. and shouldv'e gotten killed off!Anyway, People who havent seen Attack of the Clones(And Trust me, the Clones don't attack the Jedi..) yet, Prepare to see Yoda fight with a lightsaber.. and kick some major ass.
Macee on 2 May 2002
Just to clear up! Jango is bobbas twin. When they create the clone army from jangos dna, and he requests that one is made in his exact image. He then raises the clone (bobba) as his son.
Taz on 1 May 2002
As far as the N'Sync thing, three members of them are in the movie. They are Jedi extras, and die in the background (so its good and bad, in a way.) I personally would like to see them die, but not in a StarWars movie, bad call IMO. As a side note, I'm very excited about Episode 2, the sound track is genius, kudos to John Williams. From what I've seen of the trailers, Episode 2 has very brilliant visual effects, and a great plot. Yes, there is Anakin's love story, but there is also an epic battle, the beginning of Anakin's transition, the begininning of the end of the Jedi Counsil , and many other things. Unfortunatly Jar Jar is still in the movie. Dont get me wrong, he was decent comic relief, but George only added him in so that he could introduce Star Wars to the younger people.

BTW, if anyone can clarify for me. Jango Fett is Boba's Father, and they used Boba to create the Clone Army. I read at that Jango is his father, but nothing about using Boba to make the clone army. Am I right?

Spolier, unnoficial.
You may, or may not, know that Dooku kills many Jedi, and either Dooku or Anakin kills Mace (forgot which..).

The end of the movie is a battle between Obi Wan and Anakin, Obi Wan ends up forcing Anakin into a pool of molten . Darth Sideous rescues Anakin -who is near death- and gives him his mask (Darth Vader's mask, so that he can breath.) That is the end of 2, and the beginning of 3. You are free to agree or disagree, this is just what I have heard.
who's the bob... im the bob...ur the bob...jim's t on 27 April 2002
Nice trailer... (in other words - i hope they ban the jarjar binks teddy) You stupid children wernet here in the good old days... you diddnt know how good it used to be!!!...
when i saw that Samuel Jakson was going to be in EP.1 i thaught the was going to be the guy wo say's "im not going in that water.. my robes will get wet" but when i saw it he acted more like the pope!!!

On a serious note... therefore contridicting this entire message - does anyone know where i can download a pirate (im a baaad boy) copy of Ep.2... my m8 got Monsters inc way before release date and i was wondering if it were possible to do they same for SW episode 2
Viper on 27 April 2002

Ra on 26 April 2002
Nowhere near as good as Jedi by the looks of it, but then again wonders never cease.....
K-Steele on 25 April 2002
The trailers look f!*king brilliant, and thank the force for PocketMovies as I cant download a thing from the StarWars website - Quick Time - I dont think so!
Another thing - can you get the new Star Wars music video - I need a weekly fix and I just gotta see this vid.
yoda on 22 April 2002
begun this clone war has...
Sith Palpatine on 14 April 2002
I have to agree with you this movie looks really good!! i can't wait to two is out and then when three is out and we can finaly see all six in order
Ben Sisko on 12 April 2002
Good, but not best :)))
Kwenn on 6 April 2002
Best trailer ever for the best film ever!
Obie on 26 March 2002
Thanks for your sight ;)
Shadow_Jedi_Knight on 25 March 2002
That is the best trailer that i have sen for SWII so far. Forbidden Love really did put me off a bit, and i was beginning to think that this may be the first Star Wars film not 2 impress me. But it looks to have the biggest battle scene ever. Thanx 4 keepin e in suspence Lucas!!

Gr8 work for the trailer!
nikonius on 24 March 2002
Actually. it is very easy to cluster a group of MacOS machines into a rendering farm. I am not saying that is what they did for SWII.

The clustering software is free and a 12 year old clustered a group of macs of various MacOS versions (9, X & X Server) in a matter of minutes.

I am sure Lucas has the resources to have a custom rendering App ported to MacOS X. Which incidently is a BSD based UNIXlike OS.

You must think beyond that crappy Mac LC you used in grade school before you judge the new Macintosh.
Redmumba on 23 March 2002
Actually, no. They use non-personal/business comptuers for CGI effects, son. I mean, I can't imagine SW2 as having that much of a closed budget, so they probably have a couple SGI machines, with multiple processors. I mean, with the amounts of CG they have in SW2, it'd take them literally years on a Mac... the initial graphics may be DESIGNED on a Mac, but they're definately not rendered, etc. on it.
jarjar's a fag on 23 March 2002
i like koala yummies
Carlos on 21 March 2002
TekunoRobby on 20 March 2002
Inex are you serious? I mean thats pretty cool but I'm a bit suprised.

Anyone here can further elaborate what they've used in order to render the CG in this film?
IneX on 19 March 2002
best thing about SW:EPII is, that all special effects are made with a MACINTOSH ! ;-)

nice movie & pocketmovie + mac rule !!!

greetz IneX
Insanity on 18 March 2002
Brilliant trailer, better than the others, can't wait for the film to be released.
THEEF on 18 March 2002
Wow dude!! That´s a crappy title man.
JediKramer on 18 March 2002
Thanks for posting the trailer. Couldn't get in to the site, was nice to see that somone made the effort to do this...first time I've been to this site, I know where to come from now on.

Rack me. OUT!
R2-Deano on 17 March 2002
Excellent trailer my good man!!

I loved Episode I even though i was brought up on Star Wars like most i still enjoyed it for what it the first stepping stone & am eager to see II..Hayden Christensen..good choice for Anakin

Thank's for getting us the trailer man, pocket movies is the site where i know i can get what i want.
ASeM on 17 March 2002
well i liked the phantom menace
i mean it didnt gave me the feeling the old ones did but when i first saw a new hope i was a 11 years old
i guess this experience can never be repeated

but damn this new trailer looks good
mui mui
Eddy on 17 March 2002
That was fat, I know the first one was not something to be proud of but i the trailer is anything to go by, this ones gonna go off!

P.S, whats the go with Ja Ja binks, did he escaped from DISNEY studios, if so, put him back please!!
Darth Reknaw on 16 March 2002
I was probably the only one who wasn't dissapointed by The Phantom menace but it looks like Attack Of The Clones might beat the rest of the saga down (despite the crappy title)
It looks so amazing i want to watch it right now!
Ray on 15 March 2002
Why did you post the full size, you can get it off alt.binaries.starwars. I am having a hard time encoding the QuickTime into mpeg 1 for my PDA. If you want to keep the site up take down the large version. I think you are going to be overloaded in no time. Ps its a great trailer
kharmul on 15 March 2002
yes it is good, but should we really get excited about episode 2 remember the buzz and excitement about the episode 1 trailer and that film was dire. dont get me wrong episode 2 will be okay (lets face it it can't be worse the tpm) but it will pale in comparison to the two towers when its released in december. lord of the rings is a real fantasy trilogy
Lieutenant Corran Horn on 14 March 2002
If you're even half as big of a Star Wars fan as I am then this trailer will leave you absolutely speechless!!!
jl on 14 March 2002
how come the end of the trailer is missing in the small version?
AoshiX on 14 March 2002
Once again , our jedi faith is revived.
Herbalist on 14 March 2002
Is it true Lucas is going to ruin Star Wars forever by sticking Nsync in there as a cameo?
BRADPETE on 13 March 2002
Awesome trailer! So this is the clone war.... now there is a picture that accompany the dreams and visions...The Force is Strong in this one!
joey on 13 March 2002
I just thought with all the negative vibe about the greatness of the episode 2 i'd stick in a mini-spoiler for the film. It might liven things up a little bit.
Those airing negative comments, pah, you call yourself star wars fans? Shame on you.

Anakin speeds through the Jundland Wastes on Owen's swoop bike, searching for Shmi. He eventually comes across a Jawa, who points him in the direction of a Tusken Camp. As he travels on, he comes upon the gruesome remains of the search party Cliegg assembled. It is night when Anakin comes to the Tusken encampment. Anakin is on a bluff watching the encampment below; there are dozens of tents scattered around a waterhole and the camp is filled with Sandpeople. Anakin sneaks into the camp and finds Shmi tied to a wooden pole in one of the tents; she is severely beaten and barely alive. Anakin unties her and the two exchange some final, tearful words (Shmi says "I always knew you'd come back...") and Shmi dies in Anakin's arms. Anakin sits there, with Shmi still in his arms, and he meditates all night long. Taste of the Dark Side In the morning, as the twin suns of Tatooine rise, Anakin leaves the tent and kills the guards. As a Tusken child comes towards the tent, Anakin ignites his lightsaber, his face a grim mask. Anakin then proceeds to mercilessly kill every single Tusken Raider in the camp, sparing no child or woman. The Tuskens try to fight back, but they are no match for him. Anakin wipes the entire village out.

No emotion eh?
Luke on 12 March 2002
Candy in a nice wrapping.
But we have been deceived before, haven't we?
I say, let's wait and see if George and his crew can pull the saga out of the mess they got it into.
Visuals won't be the main problem with the new episodes, its the characters and the (potential total lack of) plot and emotions.


Storm on 12 March 2002
Greetings. Thanks for the large version. Your URL is the best adress for such big videos.
Comment to the trailer: G R E A T!,only this word can describe this "short movie".
All the best to you. Bye.
Master Wix on 12 March 2002
Do I need to say, I feel like a kid at christmas.

Saesee on 12 March 2002
Well, it's the best trailer so far... download now! :¬)

Shame about Yoda...
Tom on 12 March 2002
Excellent. Thank you!!!!!!
OutlawYoda on 12 March 2002
that was frikkin awesome.. although yoda is a bit messed up now.. but still its gonna be awesome!!!!
ClangJ on 12 March 2002
Get this, it will renew your faith in Mr Lucas.
Sargonnas on 11 March 2002
A great trailer with plenty to see and think about. If this does not bring fans back to the greatness of star wars nothing will. This looks like it promissess to be way better than the original. Though now that EP 1 has a sequal I believe that The Phantom Menace will seem more appealing and complete.