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Return of the Jedi

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donwloadUploaded on 27/1/01
This is a very old trailer of Episode VI. Therefore the quality is not as good as recent ones but if you're a fan this is a collector. Many thanks to Darin for providing me these files.
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Mr. knowledge on 29 April 2002
The quality is understandably poor, true, but it's
nostalgic value is thru the roof! I am 99% certain that the voice narrating the trailer was that of the great Orson Welles, who Lucas originally sought for the voice of Vader at one time, legend has it. Glad I keep coming to this site.....
The Dread Pirate Roberts on 18 January 2002
This trailer is significant in that it carries the original title - "Revenge of the Jedi", which was subsequently changed to "Return of the Jedi". Definite keeper!
Voxxer on 3 February 2001
pilgor on 28 January 2001
test it
Zol. on 27 January 2001
Hi , Hope you like these trailers - these are the first that I have seen in MPG format and deffinetly a first for the pocket PC ! Enjoy !