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The Fast And The Furious

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donwloadUploaded on 25/5/01
The Fast and The Furious Trailer
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jiwzamak on 27 June 2011
pristwin on 5 December 2010
good one
omaniboy22 on 31 December 2009
GGvampire on 22 August 2009
DOOM on 19 May 2009
this shit its cool
maddogisple on 6 May 2009
have fun nice
maddogisple on 6 May 2009
have fun nice
anonymous3601 on 9 April 2009
pornthep1971 on 28 March 2009
thank you very much
DAM Lo0oLy on 30 October 2008
super film
colaaa on 11 April 2008
Sarah on 15 June 2004
Super Film!!
wolf396 on 4 June 2004
super film
non` on 31 March 2004
ellmoh on 22 December 2003
is there goin 2 b a fast and the furious 3
jax on 2 October 2003
I know what that song is!!! Its called Debonaire and it's by Dope (it's on the DVD for those of u who dont no)
jago_18 on 1 August 2003
una pelicula escelente para los amantes de las carreras me gusta me encanta me ha cambiado la vida
si no la has visto estas en nada la segunda pàrte esta mal sin los mismos actores no esta encadenada con la primera parte

rapidos y furiosos la mejor
me on 15 May 2003
i wouldn't mind knowing what that song is where the SWAT invade the guys house. thanx people
Joe dirt on 4 December 2002
do u know the song when the swat team invade the guys place in the fast and the furious

from joe dirt
PLEASE LOOK AT THIS. on 27 November 2002
Hiya,I've just had a £50 bet with a mate that the Honda Civic shown in the film is the new model coupe starting from 1998 registration. However he seems to think that it is an older registartion.Please get back to me on this.PLEeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeease
sexc_devil on 25 November 2002
hey i was just wonderin if any body knew if vin diesel and michelle rodriquez were dating?

thnx id like to know
EG on 6 November 2002
what kind of rims were on the 3 honda civics and what was the sizes of them?
niko on 16 August 2002
could anyone tell me the name of the website they use to buil up these awesome cars,i heard its the propper site on 15 July 2002
Does anyone know the song or band that is playing during the swat invasion within
the movie Fast and the furious?
Please let me know.
Email at
P.S. And yes I am, It's more than a username.
chiraldo on 31 May 2002
Hola , me gustaria saber donde puedo encontrar programas de esta pelicula la cual me fascino mucho.
kronos on 24 May 2002
es la pelicula mas perra que he visto en mi vida.
it kicks ass big time.
Silvestre on 10 May 2002
me gustaria tener mas peliculas y esta por
Spader on 15 October 2001
The trailer tells it all. This is a kick-ass movie!
Voxxer on 13 June 2001
Seeing this trailer..
I would recommend Taxi and Taxi 2 instead..
Klimster on 28 May 2001
This looks AWESOME! Just the view of what there is to come got my adrenaline pumping!