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The Shirt Machine

3.25/5 (115 votes)
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donwloadUploaded on 15/5/05
The Shirt Machine is the story of the young narrator’s uncle, who, on the remote island of Mull in Scotland, makes many amazing shirts using his self-built Shirt Machine.
This is my first animated film, and I learnt to use the software through the process of producing it. Therefore some of the technical software ability varies from scene to scene, depending on where I happened to be on the learning curve at that time. But having said that, I am pretty happy with the story, and the actual animation overall.
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imacblaine on 6 February 2010
im sory dude but our teacher uses this movie as an example of a horible movie, it looks wonderfull but has a horrid story witch is made with a main charictor, problem, clever solution, and sub charictors
Janet on 16 April 2009
great using it for my literacy lesson
pixelwks on 12 May 2006
Great story and well told.

Sound is very poor and is killing your great short.

Keep at it!
Sud on 18 May 2005
Great anim.. some really cool ideas. Shame about the amatuer voice over and has a serious lack of sound effects... wish u contacted me!! id have gladly given u some sfx for this great little short. great work considering this is ur first!
take a look at my sound design if u want some sounds let me know