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The Ugly Bug Ball

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donwloadUploaded on 11/11/01
Ever wondered what happens to your things when they go missing? Here is your chance to find out.
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pcg on 3 January 2005
very nice :)
Burt Young on 3 January 2003
WHat are charming little film. Its nice to see someone sucessfully mixing live action with CG.

Is the film available for retail? What's next for you guys?

Did Vineeta Rishi appear in The Bill on UK TV?

Great work - make some more.


Burt Y.
AMIT on 18 December 2002
was really great.....
i agree with squal but iam 20 years old....

i hope i get more to see these...

and a very thanks to show so many of these shorties...
i would donate as soon as i could......
squall on 7 August 2002
great film especially you sexy thing make more like that! Thanks! i'm younger so I appreciate these things and to the bum who said boring go away!
cliv on 6 April 2002
very good, loved it!make more!!!!
ravi on 19 March 2002
it goods.

thanks u
Pat on 10 January 2002
Cool film. Like the website. Make a nice multi episode web series.
Fee on 20 November 2001
Loved it. Great little story. Do you have any more?
ashu on 17 November 2001