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donwloadUploaded on 15/8/01
A guy wakes up in a hotel room and knows someone wants to kill him. He retraces his thoughts and discovers his photo in a book saying that he was alive at the same age in 1948. Was he abducted by aliens? And what is that object hidden in the book? Shades of the X-files as he attempts to make a rendezvous with destiny.
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Dan on 21 July 2005
Good... if this was made by a high school student using an Atari ST.

How long did the author spend on the concept and story? Please don't tell me it was more than 5 mins.

Mik on 21 March 2005
Hey, I enjoyed it. Would like to see more like this :)
thonderson on 5 July 2002

A weak attempt, isn't quite worth the bandwidth.

V on 12 May 2002
(email is made up just so i could post a comment) I can't believe I wasted my time downloading this...thing !!
If you are going to download anything go get 405. The special effects were so cheezy. the plane turns so UNnatural.. it turns on a dime.. the explosions are pathetic.. they looks like they were taken from a bad video game.. the plane crash at the end was so unreal.. a plane like that wouldn't skip and cartwheel all over the place. This is so corny.. get 405 and don't waste your bandwidth on this P.O.S
Nef on 20 August 2001
Not too bad. I think I got spoiled after watching 405. The plane looks as though it was beeing moved by hand, I wonder...
The UFO was a lot better.