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Sally and Angela

3.54/5 (200 votes)
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donwloadUploaded on 9/6/01
SALLY AND ANGELA, a 35 mm, 12-minute film by director Mark Wilkinson, tells the story of one ill-fated pair of professional killers. If the siblings weren't cursed by their own ineptitude, thwarted by their 1970 Cadillac Sedan DeVille, and sick and tired of each other, they would be truly dangerous.
A tale of two hot headed Italians with too many guns around, SALLY AND ANGELA loves mafia action movies as much as it pokes fun at them.

VHS Availble at> for just $9.95

For French people : le doublage français est dispo sur le>forum

As it is a huge file you can watch the trailer on the official site.
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m@kk on 26 February 2006
Lousy actors? Nonnon, fabulus 12minutes!!
pcg on 30 November 2004
that wasn't so bad - i was amused on the whole, after all that's what its here for!
toby on 18 February 2003
This was a GOOD film. Only by comparing it to a good Hollywood film does it look substandard, which is a compliment that peons like zephyr11 don't even realize they are paying.

Bad acting? Just because they're not Bogey and Bacall does not mean thery're bad. Any idea how hard it is to perform like that? Why don't you try comparing them to Van Damme, Scwarzeneggar, or William Shatner?? (post Star Trek, original) ??

Bad story? Did you understand it? Did it confuse you? Could you predict everything that happened?

Not much plot? What do you want from a SHORT film? Freakin' War and Peace?

Slow beginning? Would you prefer they just start shooting so you can say "why are they shooting each other?"?
pssst...It's called CHARACTER DEVELOPMENT.

Editing: GOOD
Cinematography: GOOD
Effects: GOOD
Acting: GOOD
Direction: GOOD

People who try to make themselves look better by insulting people who make an effort can suck my ass.
Airman97 on 22 August 2002
I've only seen about half of it because the backlight on my Zaurus goes out and I end up restarting the movie trying to turn it back on.

I'll say this much though: this movie is not for adolescent males, or anyone else with a limited attention span or who is shocked that real people (especially from the Bronx or Queens or whereever) might actually speak in cliche's.

The film (so far) is pretty much as advertised. I like it -- hope to see the rest of it soon. I was really surprised by the slow pace given the nature of most pocket movies. But I think the pace is used well.

I'll sum it up this way. Gene Siskel would have given it thumbs up and Roger Ebert would give it thumbs down. I think it's over Ebert's head. That's my kind of movie!

lynchpuppy on 15 August 2002
Really not as bad as some people are making it out to be. Sure the acting is a little hammy and there isn't much for story or plot, but there are some amusing parts and the fighting and shooting is fairly well choreographed. It isn't easy making a film of any length and I think these guys have some potential, work on rehersal a little more and more story and you could well right have the ingredients for a good action film.
zephyr11 on 22 May 2002
This was an awful film!!!!!

The dialogue was awful...cliche after cliche, with bad acting to boot. It had two people with brooklyn accents riding through the desert! Why? Why? You answer none of the questions that your obvious set up asks. There was no story, just a vignette...a bad one at that. And toooooo long. You had maybe 5 minutes of movie there.

The first minute and a half of this 12 minute film is wasted with a shot that doesn't make any narrative sense or set up a story in any way. Just showcasing a soundtrack.

The intended jokes were not funny at all.

The premise of brother and sister trying to kill each other with guns over little things is ok but executed very poorly.

on the up side...its kinda cool that you shot up a Cadillac.

Its really a shame you wasted the money to make this film. Even with the favors you called in and deals i'm sure you recieved, why didn't you spend more time actually writing a script?
RC Dace on 11 September 2001
This was a very funny & action packed flick.I hope that more movies come out this good. I enjoyed it very much thanks for the laughs Mark keep up the good work.
Gina on 31 July 2001
I thought this film had an excellent pace, juggling comedy and action with ease. The dialogue was sharp and authentic, the performances were hilarious and genuine. The look of the film is stylish and the setting is perfect. Good work Mark, hope to see a feature from you soon.
TM on 28 June 2001
Better production values than you'd expect for a short film, but all for a terrible story with even more pathetic acting. What a waste, their money filming this trite garbage, and the viewers time spent watching it. Avoid.
Voxxer on 25 June 2001
Calling me a moron for a comment..
That says, to me, that it is oboious that you are the kind of guy that would like this kind of humor.. ;)

(geese, what did you expect from a critic ;P)

no further comment...
hung yan on 23 June 2001
FireDesign on 22 June 2001
Its fun when the fighting starts and the end is cool to.

Worth the download for higher connections.
But if you have a slow dl dont waste your time on it
skar on 18 June 2001
It's the missing scene from Pulp Fiction.

Good film.

Hey angela, send me an email when you're in another film.
JJS on 14 June 2001
Voxxer, you are a moron. This was a great film, excellent action shots, totally hot chick, and some cool East Coast humor.

Definitely worth watching.

Voxxer on 13 June 2001
This was some long 12 minutes (okey I jumped some) but it was not worth downloading..
This seems to be a low humor/action movie with lousy actors..

Sorry Mark...I won't even see it if it was free :(