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Meeting Agnus

3.69/5 (194 votes)
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donwloadUploaded on 2/6/02
From award winning digital filmmaker Alexander Pappas comes Meeting Agnus.
Meeting Agnus is a beautifully haunting tale of old friendships, lost love and saying goodbye.

It is the story of Edgar, an elderly man who every year, once a year, travels back to his hometown to meet with an old friend. But things are not what they seem.
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yogesh on 18 February 2009
must watch
suzy on 23 February 2005
aA good work of a literary artist who does not write invacuo.
buck on 20 November 2004
i understand the need for dialogue to explain backstory but this was too obvious. "why do you come back every year?" This is something two old lovers would have worked out long ago. why not simply let us eavesdrop on their meeting glean what we need from subtler more lifelike cues... everyone of us has met an old lover and talked about the what-ifs and but-you- knows and should haves. please give audiences more credit give us less obvious dialogue and more insight into aging and it's affects of love
soa on 27 February 2004
Does anybody know where I can download the video with a higher resolution?
ElvinB on 9 June 2003
This short films support the idea that love is
still alive and doing well
Captain Storm on 23 October 2002
Nearly had me in tears.Very moving subject matter.Would have no hesitation in buying this on DVD!More,more,more....please?
mel58 on 18 July 2002
i thought the movie was touching and
the movie reminds me of great love stories that hollywood use to make.
please give us more treasures like this one
Mr papas
OBTANIUM on 2 July 2002
....A delight to watch and a real insight to what the brightest minds are doing with small amounts of film...
C_spaq on 26 June 2002
Great little online film.
donna_bromiiere on 23 June 2002
Very imaginative short film. Wonderfull direction and cinematography. But I think the real treat of this film is the ending.

Its very open to suggestion and speculation as to what happened and the significance of the cross and the child at the start. I really enjoyed that. A little bit of brilliance there
somewhere I think.
Roy on 10 June 2002
I really like this! Very thoughtful, very moody. And I'm a fan of Goon's music, so even that part of the movie pleased me. A friend is coming to visit in August, and I promised her a viewing of my little collection of mpeg and Quicktime movies; this will be the first to be shown.
Tav on 6 June 2002
A thought provoking film, with a gripping soundtrack, that couldn't have arrived at a better time. The time of graduation, where many individuals will face the haunting reality of saying goodbye to friends and loved ones with the possibility of never seeing them again. Memories are truly wonderful and a very powerful area to explore on film...Great work of art. Watch This Film.
Obar on 5 June 2002
Just the right amount of info given to spark the imagination.
Many films from Hollywood pour out so much story line in the first few minutes that any fool could predict the ending. Viewers are then subjected to 1.5 hours of wasted time and film.
Thanks for ten minutes of film I can think about the rest of the day. :)
shy_one on 5 June 2002
This film really tugged at my heart.It definately kept my interest. I was aching to see more! Put together very well. I can't think of anything I would change.Helps to remind how very real the loss of someone is, and how very real love is/can be. I love it!
Maul on 4 June 2002
Well done, but it's an idea that has been done to death (no pun intended). The music is what most caught my attention. I would recommend removing "But things are not what they seem" from the description as I knew what I was getting into before the journey began. All in all a very professional effort weakened by an idea that has sadly become cliche.
mara jade on 3 June 2002
A dark but touching story. Well crafted. I liked it. Good use of environment and setting.