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THX - Simpsons

4.16/5 (682 votes)
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donwloadUploaded on 28/8/00
This is very funny one ;)
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vaidulis13 on 19 January 2011
ospani on 17 December 2009
is wery goooood
Finiderire on 11 September 2009
Turn it up ! ^^
bstephen45 on 13 July 2009
ruppi13 on 10 February 2009
its a great trailer i need it for my class film
Mat on 18 April 2006
This THX Trailer is my favourite.
Want more THX Trailers?? Go to! There you have to regisrer, but then you can load ALL THX Trailers in a incredible Sound-and Graphicquality!
Mathesar on 17 October 2004
to find other thx trailers simply go there!
fracasses on 5 February 2003
tres bien
Kalpass on 25 December 2002
Very bets trailer, best in universum...
Otzie on 6 May 2002
Fantastic!!, its really cool (its even cooler on a bigger screen!!)

saw the Trailer the first time in Antwerp (Metropolis)
Dale on 28 April 2002
Kami on 14 April 2002
i just loved the thx simpsons.can u make some more?
WEIDI on 22 February 2002
go to "" for further THX-trailers a.s.o.
Masterngc on 1 February 2002
Does anybody know where I can get more MPEG thx trailers? If so, e-mail me the URL.
Stogielover on 3 January 2002
If you like the Simpsons, you'll like this. If you don't like the Simpsons, don't waste your time. I happen to LIKE the Simpsons! Mmmmmm THX.
jugglervr on 7 November 2001
SWEET!! i've told my family about this one but i've always had to describe it to them. FAR better than the damn Robot THX trailer we keep seeing.
This is such a great clip because you never expect to see the simpsons in your movie theatre. fun stuff!
Elliogt on 5 September 2001
Dumb. A waste of time, and bandwidth.
ct on 3 June 2001
it is ok.
cep81 on 29 March 2001
Scooter on 1 March 2001
Disapointing. really dumb
Glowing Cat on 18 February 2001
Yes, it is indeed excellent - but isn't this one, well, the property of a rather large corporation that likes to litigate??

DeathsPal on 10 February 2001
Cool Had it on Mp3 but never had the clip till now...
pocketpcol on 9 February 2001
I like this stuff, it's AWSOME!
If you know or have any more really cool .mpeg movies or trailers, please email me!

DaShaolin at
Biggerman on 26 January 2001
NO comment
Webstonator on 25 January 2001
This is a laugh in a small file. Good for something like an EM-500.
Voxxer on 21 January 2001