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Black Hawk Down

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donwloadUploaded on 7/10/01
The new Ridley Scott forthcoming movie.
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DANNIS1234 on 19 May 2009
wonderful movie...
gunslayer201 on 2 April 2008
If any one has questions about the songs i know all of the songs played in the movie. If you go to itunes and type in black hawk down sound trailer you will get every song played in that movie. IF you have any questions please email me at

BlackHawk fan on 30 March 2007
does anyone know the "african tribal like" music being played at the begininng of the trailer??? Email me back at
SaMonster on 26 December 2006
"youd be better off bringin dope and beer" tune is: Faith No More - Falling To Pieces (Album: The Real Thing)
Eman170 on 11 August 2006
Does anyone know the name of the song on Black Hawk Down trailer when the first copter was shot down?
antz on 3 February 2006
does any one know the artist and song from the movie trailer. ??
jim on 9 December 2005
Does anyone know the name of the rock song in the mive when the troops are loading their gear up. One soldiers says "youd be better off bringin dope and beer" while the song in being played. It starts out with a crazy base line
Will on 18 October 2005
By Dave:
that song is called "knockin on heavens doors"
by guns and roses duh!! by the way nice teaser


this song, although REMADE by guns n roses,
is by bob dylan.
In the preview, the bob dylan version is played. I mean, come on. Does that really sound as talentless as axle rose in the video?
dave on 5 August 2005
that song is called "knockin on heavens doors" by guns and roses duh!! by the way nice teaser
ibo on 21 September 2004
(Black hawk down) Hi can someone tell me the title of the song which came after the movie was over and subtitles were being shown. The music was accompanied by bagpipes and seemed to be an army song.
Solo on 16 June 2004

Does someone know the title of the song used during that moment in the film where helicopters start to elevate?
MC117 on 24 February 2004
the song used in the trailer is ca;;ed "Why Does My Heart Feel So Bad" its by moby
The BEST movie ever made, go buy it love it and appreciate what those rangers did.
does anyone know what the song in the teaser is called?
Jenny on 13 June 2002
does anyone know what the title of the song used in the trailer is called? all i know is that it's not on the soundtrack. if you know, please e-mail me at thanks!
movie critic on 27 March 2002
hy people if you like action packed movies this is the movie for there are some kik ass sences in it I'm not kidding there is a part that a guy got shot and the medic is trying to get the bullet and almost gets down load this movie
andjudar on 2 February 2002
This movie is the best i've ever seen! the landscape and the cast - better than one can imagine.
Atenio, NamariƩ.
DreadedAirborne on 1 February 2002
Rangers acting like the war lords? are you lacking that much intelligence you feel that rangers can be compared to those war lords? did they starve 300,000+ civilans? if any bullying happend it was brought on by them, rangers are the most elite, disciplined unit we any elementary school bullying was either brought on or BS. Get your facts straight.
SLB on 15 January 2002
This movie doesnt even come close to what and why things happend there to start with. Yes we went there to help, but what little isnt know unless you are in the Miliatry and very well aquainted with this, is that the Rangers (not all, but some) where guilty of some very immproper behavior prior to this event. Bascially some where threating the civilains in the area and basically bullying them. It wasnt only the war lords and their armies that were responsible for what happend as a matter of fact the war lord they were after, had allready left the area. Many of the same civilians that we went there to help ended up hating us due to the behavior of a few, they acted right along side the war lords army in this massive eruption of violence.
mark.oh on 17 October 2001
I read the book from Mark Bowden and I wonder how the storyline changes in the movie, because the book does definitly not have a happy ending. Man was that a f****ed up mission.
ce on 14 October 2001
well, but it's still a pitty that civilans die. every war is a crime, and nothing to be proud of.
Johnny on 9 October 2001
Ridley Scott, of famed movie Gladiator, may have another major epic on his hands. Perhaps not the best timing in light of the tragic events in NYC, but certainly a film that will touch the heart of America and the world alike. The trailer you download here is rather vague on the story line, but you can get the lowdown at This movie, taking place in 1993 Somalia, may be too close to the same story in Afghanistan. Hopefully, it will make America proud of the Marines and other military personnel that are sacraficing their lives for our Freedom.