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Pearl Harbor

3.94/5 (226 votes)
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donwloadUploaded on 16/5/01
The Pearl Harbor movie trailer
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vivekhbti on 24 July 2010
Indulgence on 13 January 2009
Best movie ever.
vinu4u on 5 January 2009
super movie
medhat on 24 August 2008
great movie
koonnong on 19 May 2008
would like to see
Sasquash on 5 December 2003
It needs more fighting but it was still grrrreat.
vane on 6 January 2002
i'm from argentina and i have 15 years old. i think that this is a very good movie. and i think too, that josh hartnett was excelent in this movie, and he was the best actor in the film. but wait a minute don't think that i'm sayin this just because he is a pretty face or a pretty body, i truly think that he's a wonderful actor.
p/d: sorry about my english, i'm just in my 3 grade.
Evelyn on 2 January 2002
This is the greatest movie I have ever seen!
Don't forget it!
Tche on 10 August 2001
im gonna be critical to this movie.
Sure had some great scenes.
Tooooooo much titanic.....................
Voxxer on 16 July 2001
It's strange how this is wieved as a backstab..
Like anything in war is right?
I saw the was to "americanized"..

it felt like they where trying to do new titanic kind of movie...

Sure this movie had some great war scenes..
but the other scenes got drawn out..

+really good computergraphic scenes
-the extra (love) story

(I say it's time to forget people and stand up to the problems we have today. War sux, but to have vendettas?
Honor their memory, sure, but not until the end of time..Sometime you got to move on..
The war is over, now concetrate on the peace)
Fetu on 22 May 2001
Choice Bro!
M on 21 May 2001
Remember those who died.
Remember them. For those who are forgotten-cease to exist.
oldwet on 17 May 2001
Do not forget.