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I, Robot

3.97/5 (196 votes)
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donwloadUploaded on 7/8/04
The I, Robot movie trailer.
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sgyearwood on 6 March 2010
I,Robot it so on n poppin!
marc on 2 February 2005
great movie w/ lots of high techno
sapri on 29 January 2005
good stuff
Adybd on 22 October 2004
XplOrOrOr on 29 September 2004
Where do I start? OK... with the obvious:
FIRST about the trailer -

This trailer is NICE up until the point where the guy says "THIS IS NOT A CONSPIRICY!". Roughly 6 or so minutes into it. Then it should have ended. The rest shows TOO MUCH of the movie! Major events, basically most of the story, climaxes, scenes, etc... bad, bad, bad! An example of a trailer that started out NICE, but then showed tooo much and thus ends up being a bad trailer.

At least it does NOT show the most famous line Will Smith says. Which is probably the BEST movie line out of all movies released in 2004. (Up there with the famous classic line from "Jerry Maguire" ...'Show Me the Money!', "Batman"...'This town needs an enema','Wait 'till they get a load of me!')

SECOND about the movie itself -

- Is this movie worth seeing? YES.
- Is this movie worth buying? YES.
- Does this movie stay true to the 2 books it is based on? YES. (It goes in a different direction, BUT arrives at the SAME goal as the 2 books it is based on.)
- Will Issac Assimov fans appreciate this movie? YES.
- Does Will Smith do any decent acting in this movie? YES. (Whew!)
- Is there anything negative about this movie? YES. (BUT the positives outweigh the negatives)


This movie has the title of one of Issac Asimov's books, but is based on TWO of is books:
"Robots of Dawn"
"I, Robot"

This movie is a RARE example of a movie changing many things around from the book(s) but still staying 100% true to the endgoal, theme, setting, and mood of the book(s). The changed things do NOT change the overall endgoal, mood, and theme.

1. The advertising by Addidas (or was it Converse?) was far, far, far, too blatant!

Next a plainscloths DETECTIVE does not go around wearing sneakers. Maybe an undercover one, but he was not working undercover. Detectives do not dress like "an aging B-Boy trying ta' look hip".

Is there some law vs black Americans not being allowed to wear suits and ties, or even casual/leasiure jackets, shoes, etc? I guess there is (in America, since roughly the early 1990's, at least) because then they get accused by other black Americans of "Trying to look white. Trying to be white. Getting their 'Ghetto Pass revoked'."
(Hooorayy for Marvel Comics, and the recent X-Men movies for showing STORM as someone who acts, talks, speaks, like a 'white person' thank-you LOL! When in Rome do as the Romans do - including dress like them. ;) )

This is just a minor, kind of nit-picking-negative I saw in this movie with Will Smith. He DOES do an OK acting job. Not the best ever, but nowhere near the worse ever. Just solid acting. Even if he makes a point to show off his sneakers every 30 minutes LOL!

2. All the scenes with Will Smith and his mother were unnecessary. Hey, where is the F-A-T-H-E-R??? BUT not a major negative thing.

3. To the people who made this movie, like it or not, there SHOULD have been some romantic fire between the female scientist and Will Smith's CHARACTERS!!! This is a MAJOR negative in this movie. But not enough to make it unwatchable.
(Even Asimov showed in one of his books the uber-scientist lady gets romatic intentions and feelings! It is just plain Human nature. Heck, it's "one of the 'Laws' of being a Human"!)

Really just one negative thing, which is my #3 above mentioned point. Othere than that, this is a NICE movie! As for the F/X, they did a NICE job! I came to this conclusion after giving it a lot of thought. In the books (Especially "Robots of Dawn") the robots can't be distinqueshed from Humans - they look sooo realistic.

But in the end, it is nice this movie went with the F/X they did, or else it would have looked too simular to another ultra-famous classic movie "Blade Runner" (with Harrison Ford).
de donc on 12 August 2004
- Refreshing
- Will's as hilarious as ever
- Poor FX though