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Matrix Reloaded (Final Trailer)

3.99/5 (213 votes)
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donwloadUploaded on 18/5/03
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XplOrOrOr on 29 September 2004
- About the trailer..... N-I-C-E!!!!! A near perfectly put together movie trailer. One minor thing I disliked is IMHO tooo much of the schoolyard fight scene between Neo and Smith was shown. They should've showed up to the part where the army of Smiths show up, then CUT! Leave the potiential audiance hanging - wondering what NEO would do vs 100+ Agent Smiths.


- About this movie:
It is the 2nd of the 3 Matrix movies. All of which are very, very, very, very, loooosly based on the 5 Matrix books that came out. It IS WORTH SEEING! And WORTH buying!!! The F/X of course are mindblowing. The Twins have made it onto the pages of "Incredible and favorite movie badguys".

I personally enjoyed this movie very much. The action-esque beginning, the action-filled middle (especially the highway chase), and the POSITIVE non-action packed cliffhanger "ending" which leaves one questioning, thinking, and wondering.

It is just as NICE as the first Matrix movie in that it holds up. And for other reasons. (The Matrix was 100% nice because everything was a FIRST to American audiances. Matrix Reloaded can't have as many "firsts" as the Matrix. So it concentrates much more on story, many various different "badguys", while still including action.

The acting is not the very best, but solid enough to make this movie enjoyable.
charlie on 18 February 2004
amazing site, excellent
wee on 2 February 2004
Cool man.
slake on 5 December 2003
it is so amazing with those high thrilling events, man i cannot say anything but it is good not just good but awesome!!!!!
Optical on 5 August 2003
I've seen the whole movie and I think its great. This sequal is nowhere near as good as the first one plot wise, but this film has more stunning special effects and action scenes. This film 0wnz!!!!! ps. No bullet time :(
ZARG on 26 July 2003
Well done !
xcon on 14 July 2003
this is a very good movie
Emp.Palpatine on 6 July 2003
...Just great!!!...
m_hakimi on 1 June 2003
very very very good ......
thanks for it
Joca on 31 May 2003
Its a best Film ever made!!!
If samebody know what is the meening et the end when Neo stop, in the real worls the machines let said....
Send me mail.Please!
luana on 30 May 2003
it is wonderfull
Ben on 20 May 2003