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John West Salmon

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donwloadUploaded on 27/1/01
Some jobs are relaxing, some are not...
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kevinmcleman on 12 October 2011
jj20 on 11 March 2011
so funny
boris on 5 April 2008
slug on 29 July 2006
Good on ya Johhny Boy. I am lovin it. These little suckers keep on comin ya know. This sucker is special mate spit them out duede.
glgann on 13 June 2006
This might be the funniest com out - -g
What do you think of this new one? on 15 May 2006
New John West Ad... pretty funny/violent or just bollox?
Crunchie on 31 July 2005
This is truly a superb advert only to be superseded by the follow-on to this advert whereby the bear gets on the back of the motor bike.

The company John West should be commended on these two adverts - they're the greatest.
ben500 on 30 May 2005

The actors in this commercial are almost certainly NOT jackass members as it is British made for the European market.
G-Carragher on 1 April 2005
This one goes out to Nick: Click on the following link: . That will take you to the moped follow-up.

Peace, G-Carragher
G-Carragher on 1 April 2005
This one goes out to Nick: Click on the following link: . That will take you to the moped follow-up.

Peace, G-Carragher
Fred on 12 March 2005
All's fair in fishing and bear pounding.
Please direct me to more of these comercials
cadab on 6 March 2005
erm. yes it is a real compny you idiot, it sells salmon in tins. der!!!!
Denny on 20 February 2005
First of all, the person who produced this film does not exist. Leo Burnett died in 1971. Second, the person named Howard who said he works for the company is lieing. John West is a fake company that does not exist. Third, if you've watched near the end of Dr. Doolittle, you'll recognize this commercial.

Funny commercial.
cavedude on 5 February 2005
the best and most memorable ads ever
only the disguised bear for pepsi comes close
to this one
can watch over and over
James on 11 December 2004
Cant get any clip onto my phone i can only view them when i press download.
aram on 20 April 2004
aram goooon
hoody on 14 April 2004
thankyou so much for this download, i remember this ad and i had only seen it once, i laughed soooooo much i nearly pissed myself.. great to see it again. i laugh everytime i watch it now. class!!!!!!!
Nick on 10 December 2003
Does anyone know where i can find the follow up advert to this one, the one where the man is on the moped and the bear is chasing him? i only saw it once on tv and have been looking for it ever since!!
Petra on 11 September 2003
This is really a great commercial. I'm interested to know by whom the commercial is made. Were those members of Jack Ass ?
Please let me know; I have a bet on it.
eric on 23 August 2003
I forgot to put down my email:

please contact me, thanks!
Eric on 23 August 2003
Hey Howard, is it true you were in the John West shark commercial? Please email me if you could because I'd loooove to ask you some questions about traktor and the shoot!!!! Please!
Plaid to the BONE on 16 April 2003
Being of good salmon-eating Scottish ancestry, I found this so mother-&%$#ing funny I almost wet me knickers!
jen on 11 April 2003
Racer Zed on 3 February 2003
that has to be one of the funniest commercials ive ever seen. its also BRILIANT because it not only captures the viewers attention BUT it also gets the point across. the point being that John West has the best salmon.
Where do you find the big shank on 11 November 2002
Would like to know how to view the big shank where the fisherman comes climbing out of his mouth holding a tuna in his hand all pissed off.

This one with the man wrestling with the bear has got to be one of the funniest I've ever seen.
I enjoy this so much, and laugh every time I see it. I've shared it with several friends. They all love it too!
sunny on 9 October 2002
have u seen the new john west one the man who had a fight with the bear is caught in a fishing net with tuna not as funny but still good
howard on 26 September 2002
Hi im actually in the new John West commercial. I play the marine biologist. on this ship. it was aired September 15th. in the UK. filmed in the Florida keys about two months previous. l think its pretty funny. in this add. we catch this big shank. and to everybody's surprise this fisherman comes climbing out of this big shank mouth .holding a tuna in he,s hand . all pissed off. I haven't seen it yet. thanks
Oggey Ben Doggy on 24 June 2002
I damn near fell out of my chair after watching this. This blows away even the most funny of American commercials. There isn't any (sorry Budweiser your humor surely stinketh). This just shows pure imagination and sheer genious. Nothing short there of. If I liked to eat salmon (I like to catch it) let alone canned salmon, I would have to buy this simply out of pure adulation and respect. Even if the canned tasted poorley. Can't pay someone back so easily for such a hearty deep down laugh. Thanks John for the great laugh.
Digital Dave on 12 May 2002
These bears should have a fishing license! Be sure
and visit MacLean's Friday Funnies for a laugh or
phil anderson on 4 May 2002
holy shizznit this is sum funny ass shit. vi cant stop laughing and showing my other friends. u best download if u want to luagh for hours
mic on 17 April 2002
After u see this ad, please don't try and fight a bear
joe on 30 March 2002
hahhaa crazy!!太棒了!!!
TerrorByte on 22 March 2002
Can you believe 'They' banned this Ad in New Zealand?
Cobber on 5 March 2002
Perhaps the "BEST" Ad I have ever seen...Makes me want to buy John West Salmon, or go fight a Bear, cant figured it out.....Good on ya John
LOL.....OMG! on 2 March 2002
This is hillarious. Just download it and watch it.
Utah on 15 February 2002
This is ... FORMIDABLE!!!!
Pete on 7 February 2002
this is hilarious!!!!!
Irish on 26 January 2002
This is the best ad our family has ever seen. It's a keeper!!!! Where do you buy John West Salmon??? Any chance of a bear, deer hunter sequal...they did it with jaws!!!
barry on 10 January 2002
we just got it in oklahoma and we're doing the showing it and watched the series of laughs it produces in each new person - i'd like to know about any other of his adds
deano on 5 November 2001
Usually I just get rid of these....but this one cannot
be topped! It's just so freakin' funny.
Gecko on 31 October 2001
Fantastic;I've got this as an icon on my desk top
so when some one comes in I've got to show them.
Greg on 13 October 2001
This is the funniest thing i have ever seen.
i cant seem to fing the other ad.
Pete D on 10 October 2001
So, has anyone got any idea where to go to find the other John West ad ? Apparently there is one where a motorcycle is involved.
Burkie on 2 October 2001
I absolutely love this ad... there is and has been nothing funnier (that I've comea across) and it still cracks me up every time I see it
Joel on 20 July 2001
This kind of
insane humor is
comparable to that
of Gary Larson,
creator of "The Far
Side" and Jim Davis
of "Garfield", which
happens to be the
ONLY kind of humor
worth paying any
attention to!
sloguy on 22 February 2001
hilarious, fun for the whole family.
"look an eagle"
Rodman on 8 February 2001
This is the funniest thing ever!!
I love it and Icant quit watching it.
zigg on 5 February 2001
who has this ideas ??
sluggopaq on 2 February 2001
This is a must have!
Voxxer on 30 January 2001
must see (after budweiser)