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King Arthur

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donwloadUploaded on 7/8/04
The King Arthur movie trailer.
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frnds77 on 22 November 2008
very nice movie
XplOrOrOr on 29 September 2004
The movie "Excalibur" is still the BEST EVER movie about King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table. Is this NEW movie worth seeing? YES.

As for the trailer, it does a nice job. Good trailer. It does not show any of the major and minor surprises, plots, twists, and endings. Though it did show the 1 dumbest line in the entire movie.

This movie ON PURPOSE went in a DIFFERENT DIRECTION - in the direction of trying to do a REAL LIFE biography, and portrayal of King Arthur. Since this was the goal...does it work? Hmm... yes. About a 80% success in the goal of going in that direction. But the problem is 100% of the story is NOT known, and will NEVER be known. So even this movie is not 100% true.

This movie shows Arthur and his Knights were an Elite Roman force (Roman Special Ops anyone? LOL!). Decendants from uber-warriors from the area that is between Europe and Asia. This is simply stuff that cannot be 100% proven nor disproven.

There exists just as much evidence showing King Arthur did NOT come from that area between Europe and Asia! That he was born from a Roman and a native Brit. That his Knights were the same, or selected from the best British officers/fighters/warriors.

As for Merlin the MAGICIAN. Heheh... let me say this - go to your local libary, and ask to see the following on Micro-Film ->

"MARCH 16, 2004 NEW YORK TIMES". Bottom right corner of the front page. There exists things in our solar system, galaxy, that are not publically known, that our scientists who "know everything" have been proven time again to NOT know jack stack about! Now if this hold true on a galactic scale, solar scale, then it obviously can be true on a planatary scale.

What the evidence SHOWS is that there is no evidence that the esoteric has zero bearing and weight. That the esoteric has enough weight to be taken seriously!
Noah on 23 August 2004
This has to be the biggest turkey of the season. Given a story which has been a best seller for more than a millennium and an unlimited budget for battle scenes, someone should have suggested paying more than $50 for the script. The dialog in the trailer seems to be unintentional self-satire.