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The Two Towers (Teaser)

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donwloadUploaded on 31/8/02
The teaser trailer for the second episode of "The Lord of the Rings" : the Two Towers.
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Elessie2 on 15 May 2003
Hey!Me again! Have downloaded FANTASTIC trailer. Love it. Great web-site by the way. Any movie fanatics can u please post u're comments here, so i can read 'em and give you my own view? Cheers!
P.S. The lord of the rings rules. And the Matrix AND X-MEN! LoL! 8-)
swissdave on 14 May 2003
I have enjoyed getting pocket films going but could you please put a star or something against the film on the initial page when download is not possible. I understand the bandwidth problem but this little gesture would save a lot of frustration.
Meilleures salutations
elessie on 13 May 2003
the lord of the rings is my obsession. i love it. AND legolas and haldir. Elves rule. The lord of the rings rules. Oh, and while we're on the subject; The Matrix rules AND so does X-Men.

Sean on 29 April 2003
It's great on my SPV
zak on 24 January 2003
i am a big fan of lord of the rings can you email me back please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

thank you
ghj on 25 December 2002
Neo Spike on 25 October 2002
i am waiting for the movie and the trailer has made me crazy to see it damn those people for making the trailer to damn addictive to watch and now i am counting the days (i think its about 52 days left)
soulBliss on 22 October 2002
I agree. Trying to get people excited but thats the wrong way to do it-i hate spoilers!But they're doing a fairly decent job with the Ents!!!:(
benkenobi0 on 6 October 2002
"What spoiler? You haven't read the book, have you?"

Yes, I've read the hobbit and the trilogy, Helmacron. It doesn't change the fact that they put the spoiler in there for people who haven't read the book...
Phil on 14 September 2002
Fu*c*ing amazing trailer and i am a Lord Of The Rings freak! I have played the games that are not out and the trailer is the best!
Helmacron on 13 September 2002
What spoiler? You haven't read the book, have you?
Bondish on 1 September 2002
This teaser trailer for The Two Towers is awesome! I can't wait to see it - this is supposed to be the best in the Lord of the Rings trilogy! I hope more Two Towers trailers appear here soon!!!
Benkenobi0 on 31 August 2002
I can't believe they put that huge spoiler in the trailer!