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The Fellowship of the Ring

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donwloadUploaded on 6/10/01
The first "Lord of the Rings" episode new trailer.
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jeje on 13 August 2003
j'ai hate de voir la presentation de ce nouvel épisode.
RUDDY on 20 June 2003
andrina on 8 June 2002
this movie is the best movie in all history of the universe. not only because my husband (elijah wood) is in it ,but because it was filmed in new zealand. it takes an imagination to understand this movie and tolkien truely is a god!
pluni on 7 June 2002
andjudar on 2 February 2002
have never imagined that someone dares to film this movie. But that was worth the pain and stress. Le gra go deo.

Atenio, Namarié
Maxx on 4 December 2001
breathtaking... can't wait till the 19th