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Monster, Inc.

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donwloadUploaded on 8/6/01
The new monster trailer !
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hamo0od on 8 April 2008
bianca25 on 12 June 2002
I would like to know the release date of the movie on dvd!!
can anyone help me
katy on 2 June 2002
Please, please, I NEED the third Trailer of "Monsters Inc." Who can help my ?!

Je suis si dessue qu'on ne peut plus le telecharger ici - meme si je comprends la raison ...
Monster Inc. on 4 April 2002

Do you know of an web address where I could view a walk through or cheat for Monster.Inc playstaion 1 game.

Hope you can help!!
Feckinard on 20 March 2002
This movie is fabulous. Scary, funny, happy, sad, funny, moving, breathtaking, did I mention funny?
Better than Toy Story 1 & 2 (although to be fair I've seen those about 40 times each thanks to my kids.)

If you haven't seen it then you've missed out.
riba on 4 January 2002
This movie is awesome.... I am counting down until it comes out on DVD.... Pixar still never ceases to amaze me....
jmuna on 27 December 2001
well it seems 2 b realin interestin movie
and d best part is even a monster have a
heart for a littel girl compare to our humanism...
enigma on 16 July 2001
I can't wait to see this movie :)
I've been a huge fan of anything Pixar's done since they
were born. :)
Voxxer on 13 June 2001
Seems a little like "real monsters" (Nickelodeon)
But I'll see it..

As it is from Pixar I don't think the animation should be rated..
It seems like all other movies..really well made...(but hey? it's their job) ;)
thomas_4d on 9 June 2001
i think everyone's going to see this when it comes out
very funny, very good looking, very pixar !