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donwloadUploaded on 27/1/01
The forthcoming Dreamworks CG film.
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Jim The Crim on 30 November 2009
Excellent. 1 St Class
sivaginfo on 7 August 2009
I like thi movie. so want to download
blueandred832007 on 29 November 2008
i want to have that movie
Ismail Torky on 27 August 2008
i like it
Frithy on 14 June 2004
I would love to get Shrek 2 free of charge.
Cheers Mike
moviefreak on 27 May 2004
helarious movie , i never knew green monsters could be that funny !!!
pritcher on 2 March 2004
Oh! This is very nice movie!
reblchick on 26 March 2003
My friend and I have probably watched 'Shrek' over a hundred times and I have yet to get sick of the witty parodies yet! It deserves the Oscar and definitely a sequel!
Mirko on 13 October 2002
odlican film hvala
Anonim on 16 August 2002
It's a very good film, I love it and I think that you'll love it too.
reza on 24 July 2002
it was really really best.
i watched it 3 times and l learn new facts every time i do it again.
motocrazzz on 14 July 2002
i love shrek
its a cool movie
Brinjen on 17 June 2002
Brilliant. Absolutely brilliantly done. Watch this movie at least twice, if you can stop there!
shrekscript on 17 May 2002
Want to get the shrek script? Try I love shrek!
The One on 3 April 2002
Utterly Hillarious. One of the greatest movies I have ever enjoyed. Shrek can get a laugh out of children, and the elderly also. Adapted from a novel, and made into one of the greatest movies of all times.
Cobra on 28 March 2002
Shreck is the greatest movie I ever have see
nicolas on 26 March 2002
the greatest for childrens and adults...a dream.
Boy from Bethel on 17 March 2002
The second best move I have ever seen!!!
sally on 27 December 2001
Its amaizing movie, everybody could learn something about the thruth real valuable things in the life.
The civilization could be develop but the people stay the same.
The small things make the life valuable.
rizzotherat7 on 18 November 2001
Shrek is one of the greatest animations I have ever seen.
asien on 12 November 2001
It´s is great!!!
f a i a on 2 November 2001
this is an utterly hilarious movie!
fun for kids, AND for adults!
talking donkey on 31 October 2001
once upon a there is beatiful , hilarious movie named shrek ,
in animation movie front. enjoy the life
Johnny Boy on 12 June 2001
If you haven't seen this movie, you are missing out on the biggest laugh you've ever experienced! Falling down hilarious!!
voxxer on 30 January 2001
Graphical entertainment on the highest level :)
Fitch on 28 January 2001
I seriously always said I would pay to hear Mike Meyers doing his scottish accent for 2 hours :)