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President Clinton - Final Days

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donwloadUploaded on 8/11/00
What will President Cliton do after he leaves the White House ? Well it's in this movie.
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fourkidneys on 14 January 2009
That's Bill Clinton alright!!
nEm on 3 December 2005
Met him! Great guy. I can't put forward a political comment as I'm buggered if I know how to find the honest truth in politics but I will say that at least he has a personality unlike the redneck in the oval office today! I definately recommend this little video. Enjoy!
KYRKBYMANNEN on 18 February 2005
great stuff even for us swedes!
J.P.Boyd on 13 January 2005
Geez I miss Bill. He had a sense of humor and real-guy way that I don't see with Dubya. So he lied about getting some tail...give the guy a one died when Clinton lied...can't say that for this current Bush-it.
election day on 2 November 2004
I just found this video... four years after the fact. Even if you don't like Bill, you have to love this video. Well done. Self-effacing.

Aside from the intellect deficit we've endured since 2000, I've missed having a guy in office that most of the rest of the world admired.
BillClinton on 5 March 2004
While watching this you have to think back how wonderful everything was back then. And then fast forward to 2004 and America has changed so much. We all miss Bill Clinton!! =`)
JoeSuff on 24 December 2002
Not a big clinton Fan but fine piece of work. Gotta appreciate someone who can laught at themselves.
marius on 11 August 2002
the best regards
Disappointed on 13 March 2002
Yea, I miss him too!!
How boring life is without any good sex scandals or at least a few presidental gropings like we all came to expect!
His "great economy" was turning to crap even before he left office and those Towers in New York might still be standing if he had actually done something after the first WTC bombing!
Women loved him even though most honest women would admit they would never trust him to be alone with their girlfriends or daughters (mothers or even grandma)and would hate having a cheating husband like him! BUT they would STILL vote for him even today!
Sure he was a liar but then again aren't all politicians?? Oh, but he was our first 100% "Certified" (as in perjury) liar ....
He did leave with a bang though...pardoned anybody and everybody and took some furniture too!! Oh Bill how we miss you!
Maybe Hillary or Jesse Jackson will get elected and we can have more presidential fun!!
Can't wait to see the film! Haven't had a good laugh since he left office..
Tom Tick on 22 January 2002
We miss Bill. He is dynamic, charismatic and a good leader.
Gerton Hermers on 30 December 2001
Great man to put things in perspective! I wish someone put George W. in some kind of perspective too...
Thomas on 2 December 2001
We miss Him so much.
Yves on 24 November 2001
I wish we had a French president as young, funny
and dynamic as this one!
leo on 27 September 2001
God Bless America :)
tomeetoe on 21 June 2001
Wickedly funny, great music, great cameo's or stand-ins: ah, Billy we hardly knew ya....
cikotiko on 7 June 2001
nice, very nice.
tipically american way of life.
Pie-Ski on 3 April 2001
This is an example of soundly moral entertainment, if Slick Willie needs money The Monica Incident could motivate the porn industry to create a movie with the known actor, named Clinton.
Pedro on 15 March 2001
Yeap! One day you're something the next day nothing...
Slick Willie on 26 February 2001
Thanks a lot guys! Glad you enjoyed me!
Brian on 25 February 2001
I thought this was great. I'll miss Bill's antic's in the future
Monica on 24 February 2001
Clinton was a complete idiot! Thank God he is gone!!! He's small too ;-)
Belleydude on 21 February 2001
Hey! Give Bill a break. He is just geating ready to do exactly what Hillary wants him do to around the house!
republican on 31 January 2001
very funny
Voxxer on 21 January 2001
Bill must be real low on cash to put up with this but I can't say I don't like it/I like it
whooohaaa on 18 January 2001
nothin but net
bill on 15 January 2001
u go u good thing bill