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Raven 2

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donwloadUploaded on 20/10/02
Lucas Foster was once a decorated homicide detective, now a private investigator. He spends a most of his time running errands for members of the Mafia.
But his life is about to change.

What seems like a routine missing persons case begins when a wealthy lawyer hires Foster to locate his beautiful client's runaway daughter. But The case takes him through the dark labyrinth of the city's occult underbelly, into a world where nothing is what it seems and diabolical forces lurk around every corner.

For Foster's agenda runs parallel to that of another dark figure who roams the shadowy streets; a resurrected being from the pits of Hell - the one called Raven . . .

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cecilbdml on 7 April 2004
1. OBSERVE YOUR OWN BODY FOR MOVEMENT REFERENCE. This is the most important part of ANY type of animation. Simply using 'align to path' is not the way to do it. Real humans breathe, twitch, and flex as they move. Also, create far more keyframes than you did. The timing, though a bit slow, was okay. More keyframing of minor movement in-betweens will result in a far more polished animation.

2. WATCH THE CREASES. Goes with comment 1, but is more about the models themselves. A possible solution to avoid the unnatural 'mannequin' creases in the elbows and such, is to limit the joint Range Of Motion (ROM) parameters a bit. This will work within the IK structure, leaving one less thing to worry about.

3. IF YOU BELIEVE IN THE STORY LINE, DEVELOP IT FOR YOUR AUDIENCE. Flesh out the characters a little more, and think of how the audience would come to identify or relate to them. Even if the basics of the story line have been done by others, a new spin with excellent characters can make the plot more alive and interesting. You seemed to assume a great deal about your audience, and left the story and character development to them, without any help from the movie.

You worked a long time on this, and it does show in the little background and texture details. Concentrate a bit more on the character animation itself, as you have those aspects of 3D production down. I think your persistence will pay off. I salute your hard work, and hope I'm helping and not discouraging you.
TheManTheOne on 19 December 2002
Its really good thing,you did well.
Only I can critize ? are action scenes,
much more dynamic and fluence will really help.
And By the way more original story could
be found. If you are doing so long and very timeconsuming animation, try to find better idea.
CriticalCritique on 1 December 2002
This short movie is how you say comme ci comme ca. It's so and so in other words. The storyline is interesting and yet very very dark. I'm not too fond with dark movies that deal with Hell, pentagrams and satan. I don't like the dark. However it's your script and you have every right to portray your visions.

I agree with Iceman's comment. The dailog was too flat. And indeed you may want to put more life into the voice actors. In addition, the movements of the characters seems very robotic. Everyone seems to act way too rigid in how they sit or stand or talking with one another. In the real world, not alot of people sit rigid and run with your back straight up. It seems a little too awkward to run with your back straight up while running acros the street. Another comment of your animation is the facial expressions, it's lifeless like a robot talking. And their faces are too lifeless, too pale, almost like they're ghosts.

I know creating fire is hard especially in CG. So I won't say too much about it then, review how the creators of Shrek did theirs.

The fighting scene was pretty sad along with the sound effects not syncing correctly and the animation was too choppy like it was missing a couple frames of action. You could work a little hard on that.

This movie is okay as a starter. And I know your group will create great ones after learning from other fellow animators and critiques. It's hard work to be as good as Square and Capcom, but you'll get there.
pixelwks on 1 November 2002
Very ambitious!

The sets were great and the script was very good.

I'm guessing you now know why professional actors get so much money. Friends and family just won't cut it when you've put this much work into a film.

Go back and clean up some of the animation and you will have a great film to show around!
Iceman on 25 October 2002

Nice scene composing....
Nice music and background sounds....
Nice "Camera" movements....
Nice animated movements in general....


The dialog was flat and more life could have been put in to it by the voice actors.

Also the walk animation could have been better as it was a bit jumpy. I think this was because they did not let poser complete each step??

Over all, a very good try, but for a year+ of work time it should have been better.
Pex le Sex on 22 October 2002
This is absolutely fantastic. A very very well done to the creators here. This is the best thing I have EVER downloaded. 20 minutes seems like a long time, but it flew by.

Great story, great animation and sound.

DOwmnload it folks, it takes a while on standard connection which I have, but it is well worth it. If you think it is good rate it too. This is my first rating I have tried.

Great site too...

Once again, a very big round of applause, I hope you are going to do a follow up...

Jonathan - 30 yr old from UK
wow on 22 October 2002
Poser Models ?...does anyone model anymore?