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donwloadUploaded on 20/10/02
Ex-USSR leaved hundred of nuclear submarines at the edge of the Baltic and an ecological disaster is come sooner or later.
We have worked approx. 8 months on this project using Maya 3 only for 3D and After Effect 5 and Combustion for compositing. The original video has been rendered in 720*576.
We also worked on precise documents of the spot and submarines in order to give maximum realism to our work and give it a documentary dimension.
It was a theme which held us at heart because the respect of this planet has an influence on all of us.
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Fabien Corrente on 25 February 2004
Helloo... you can download a hi-res version with edonkey/emule

This is the link

macpac70 on 22 January 2004
This is a true masterpiece of creativity with an edge of very frightening reality. Has a copy of this ever been sent to Greenpeace I wonder ?? they could use its shocking realism to great effect to bring this issue to the forefront worldwide, before a very real disaster actually happens
excellent work indeed!!
maki on 31 December 2002
Votre travail sort du lot par le sujet traité et la très belle réalisation de type cinématographique.
Un sujet sérieux développé en peu de temps et très bien réussi.
J'ai aussi beaucoup apprécié votre utilisation des effets sonnores,qui amènent de façon subtile un suspens et une intensité dramatique.
On aimerait voir plus souvent des réalisations comme celle-ci.
Un grand bravo à votre équipe.

Lomion on 13 December 2002
One of my favorite clips ever. Nice to see a serious clip that kicks in the ribbs and lets you think about it afterwards.
Serieux, c'est vraiment percutant. Felicitations.
Mathieu Cassagne on 25 November 2002
English subtitles will be on our dvd version, wich does not represent any problem for us, this dvd will be a home_made dvd not for sale but for fun.

Atomnia was our ending school project, with its defaults and qualities, we aren't gone change anything on it. (this is a 2 years old project).

At the time we were learning in addition to produce Atomnia, everything in Atomnia in term of sound and images has been done the way we wanted to, with our personal artistic "eyes", and with the time we had; nothing is missing...
eilvron on 21 November 2002
Before you do that, you might want to add English writing. Also, work on the detail, and perhaps add sound to that drop when it falls down and spashes? Also, make that drop hitting the metal and breaking through it look more realistic.
DVD? They cost a few dollars and this is only a few minutes long. Surely you would want to make a vcd?
Mathieu Cassagne on 21 November 2002

Here is the translation of the two sentenses:

-Beginning :

"Today more than one undred nuclear submarins stand for reparations in Russia at the Mourmonsk Bay..."


"Water in contact with plutonium dioxyde,emited from the old nuclear reactors, could create a huge explosion bigger than the Tchernobyl's one..."

I hope this will help...

For the moment there isn't any web site about Atomnia, but a dvd is coming out soon...

Best regards.

eilveron on 21 November 2002
Great, I've put it on VCD already, and I'm gonna bring it in the class and show it in Media Studies. Could I have a translation to english of the stuff at the start and beginning? I get the jist, but....
Is there gonna be a website?
Mathieu Cassagne on 20 November 2002
Thank you very much for your comment :),
at this adress:
there is a temporary pal VCD version (384x288).

But soon we gone put a better resolution DVIX version on a server.

we will give you, here in the comments part, the adress of this new server soon.

If you have any questions about Atomnia just ask, we'll be glade to answer you.

eilveron on 20 November 2002
Fantastic stuff! This has skyrocketed to my favourite animation ever. Reminds me of 2001: A Space Odysee. Leaves you on a simple image just long enough for you to think about it, then moves on. What style! It doesn't provide answers, its just beautiful and thought provoking. I REALLY like this one. Will there be a DiVX ever?
Ledgendary stuff guys. Its great to see people think of a serious issue to tackle with animation, instead of the usual pointless stuff. :-)
This has a lot of potential.
Fabien Corrente on 28 October 2002

Sorry, but there is no other version available on the Web
lambi on 27 October 2002
Very nicely done! Especially the scenerie is very well-done! Anyone knows how/where to download a hi-res version?
dash on 22 October 2002
Great stuff!