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donwloadUploaded on 1/9/02
Two giant dragons fight for their life in this short animation. My dear friend Mr. Hugh P. Rich and myself finished this work at the Gerrman Film School, as a freetime project, during our 4th semester.
(High res DiVx available @ Leif's site)
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meleanna on 6 July 2004
That was too good. You should consider making a movie out of it. I would definitly buy it!!!!! Keep it up!!!
AtDawn on 20 January 2003
WOW! I am truly in awe of your movie. Very smooth animation. Music was nice, sound effects were good.

john on 12 January 2003

And you're just students?

I loved the fiery eye at the beginning.

The castle was superb.

The music was very, very, very goodl

Matty on 30 December 2002
Great Work! I'd like to know what program you used to make that animation and i would also like you to give me a little tutorial to make a movie with becuase i want to learn how to make 3d animations. I also want to know if there is a full length movie.
Thanks SeeYa
plimper on 20 December 2002
What i can say?I will be very plain.Awesome animation.It's really awesome job.Keep up the good work and why not?Make a full movie later on.
G1 on 28 October 2002
AWESOME!!!Too short though. Yo quiero mas.
snowwave83 on 6 October 2002
Amazing clip, is there a full movie behind this? If their is I would love to be able to view it and purchase it? please reply!

Aron on 20 September 2002
Too bad those guys didn't work on D&D's movie. Impressive !
Mikey on 19 September 2002
That's awesome......wouldn't be out of place in any medievel fantasy full feature.
Aldous on 9 September 2002
Pretty Good but the screen was too small to fully take in the action.
sbc on 3 September 2002
I liked the clip. Dragons flying around was cool. Thanks and keep up the good work.