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A Tale of Modernism

3.40/5 (108 votes)
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donwloadUploaded on 3/6/02
A funny short centering around the theme of "Modernism". Two characters meet in a Victorian house, one traditional the other Modern. Mr Modernism doesn't think much of Victorian decor and goes on a rampage. I'm currently studying for an animation degree at the Southampton Institute in the UK, this animation was completed for a Uni project and took from start to finish about 6 months to complete. I hope you enjoy it!
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jackseay on 7 November 2003
I gave this one a 10 for a story that expressed my feelings exactly about modern art, music, furniture, and architecture. Fun to watch, too.
sbc on 9 June 2002
Not much of a plot. Animation was great!
Yo on 4 June 2002
not bad, pretty cool